new stuff.

so, even though i move in a few weeks, i got some new stuff. because, well — i just had to. i’ve been hunting for this elusive three-legged mid-century modern stool for ages and then there it was on mid century modern finds, so i couldn’t pass it up, now could i? it’s small, not too heavy to carry to my new place, right? i’m totally justified. the other thing i got was this tiny fiddle leaf fig. i love these plants and i especially love how they grow to be so large and exotic looking. this poor thing is just 4″ tall, but i have hope. that’s why i bought it now — maybe by the time i move it will be a whole 5″ tall.

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  1. The stool is adorable. It’s fitting to purchase a new piece or two for the new space. A little seat and a little plant, how can that be wrong? You’ll need something to sit on to watch the fiddle leaf fig grow!

  2. Igor says:

    Love both of your new fellows. And well, I am also totally justified after I’d bought my tenth cushion or twelfth throw. My, my.

  3. Steph says:

    Oh, I have this table and I LOVE it! I just happened upon it while living in GA, and it was a steal only $15… enjoy yours. I use it as a side table.

  4. Kristen says:

    I love the stool – and such a great deal! So I have to ask though, where is that amazing paint on the wall from? I hate to ask – but I am currently in an epic battle with the color I’m painting in the guest room, and I just can’t find a nice smoky, deep, dark gray (but not black). Does anyone else have any suggestions??

    • victoria says:

      kristen – this is Rust Oleum’s Black Chalkboard paint, but Benjamin Moore has a nice smokey gray called Gravel Gray. I have it in my bedroom.

    • Craig says:

      Kristen – Try Restoration Hardware’s paint. I used Slate (dark gray) as the main color and Stone (light gray) as an accent.

  5. Kristen says:

    Thanks Victoria! The hunt is on! :) My husband thinks I’m completely crazy as I have an entire door in the room (since it’s white so no weird reflections) covered in paint chips. Ah, decorating…

  6. katherine says:

    i kid you not that my fiddle leaf grows between 4″-6″ per month. At least!! yours will be big before you know it, although… i quite like this wee little thing! i might have to hunt down a tiny one for myself.

  7. What!? You got the stool! I’m so jealous, I hope I can find one too. Can’t wait to see the new place…

  8. Di says:

    I smiled a lot when I saw this post – this is the stool of my childhood, the stool I sat on everyday to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and that I still sit on when I go to visit my parents….there are still 4 of them just like it in my parents living room. My mum laughed when I said that she had vintage stools in the living room….she just loves the fact that they stack in the corner, safely out of the way!

    So how long have you been looking for it ?

  9. Ok, first of all….all the best for your move! And secondly, thank YOU! I have been wanting a fiddle leaf for ever and never really figured out the best & most affordable way to get one. Badabing! Followed your link & one of those little babies will be coming to live with me! YAY! :) (now, here’s hoping I manage to keep her alive….eep.)

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