luxe pins.

i hope you’ve had a great week, and to be honest personally i’m really excited for fall – might as well embrace the inevitable right? first off is a wonderful faceted wood necklace by son of a sailor (no. 1), next super cute hand-painted bike bells from poketo (no. 2), and i absolutely adore the minimalist packaging design by puigdemont roca for 5th gin (no. 3), and speaking of drinks how about a rhubarb mojito from the lovely blog not without salt (no. 4), and finally this beautiful print by britt browne (no. 5).

have a great weekend!

aaron from i heart luxe

2 Responses to “luxe pins.”
  1. Hard to pick a favorite them all..but i think the britt browne print is really really cool..thanks for the eye candy..xx meenal

  2. jessica says:

    oh, my goodness! i can’t believe how excited we are that you chose our Karve necklace for this post—i’m an avid SFGirlByBay reader, and can’t tell you how happy this makes me!

    thanks so much for the love!

    jessica (+william)
    son of a sailor

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