tuesday’s girl: winter wardrobe.

i’m pretty much a basics kinda girl with some vintage thrown in here and there for a bit of interest. come winter time, i’m all about tights and leggings, big sweaters or tunics, a peacoat and boots. comfy, happy, complete. it gets damp and foggy here in the winter, so this is pretty much my wardrobe. throw in a beanie and a scarf and i’m good to go. how about you? what are your go-to winterizing staples?

love this layered look via the stylograph.

some sassy need supply co. striped leggings; and these camilla suede boots are ultra dreamy.

i just may need to wear my heart on my sleeve too, in this sweater from asos.

the vince tri-color-block turtleneck is faux layering at its finest; and the classic marimekko tunic.

margiela for h&m coat, via thank you ok.

this woolie sweater coat looks cozy; and i’ve been eyeing anthropologie’s sailor cape.

• top photos emma robertson by donald j. pilner and peacoat.

16 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: winter wardrobe.”
  1. Jamie says:

    Lovin’ the heart sleeve sweater!

  2. Jenny says:

    i think i need some heart elbow patches now!


  3. It would appear that I’m not alone in my coveting of a certain sweater. I guess we’re all pretty heartfelt about it.

  4. Lucy says:

    love that brown peacoat!! do you know where it’s from? link didn’t take me there. Great fall wardrobe!

  5. Ooooh what a CUTE “wearing heart on sleeve” sweater … I may have to tackle my credit card to buy it!. My reg winter outfits r fluffy faux fur white hat + boots. Hmmm, I wonder if people think I wear the same outfit underneath my coat (haha) since I practically wear the same accessory (hat/scarf/boots) outside :)

  6. hannah sas says:

    FAB oversized coat! im really loving that look.
    really want to get myself one of these ones : http://www.amazine.com/story/934526

  7. Ezzy says:

    So just where do you find those great boots? I looked up camilla suede boots and got lots of wedgies! Love your pages

  8. Shanon says:

    Really good! I especially love the brown with black and white stripes, and that tri-colored turtleneck could be my new best friend. I want nearly everything now. ; )

  9. Kelly says:

    Ooooh, I love all these things. And that gal in the high-tops checking her phone could BE you. Everything Vince makes is wonderful—I plan to bundle up this winter in that sweater and maybe one or two others.

  10. Gwyn says:

    I LOVE and NEED everything!
    Thanks for sharing Victoria, I feel a Winter coat purchase coming on…

  11. Elisha says:

    I remember my first trip to San Francisco was in your summer and arriving from a wintry Australia I expected California sunshine and packed (in)appropriately- the cold and fog shocked me even in August! But it’s so evocative. My winter go-to would be thick leggings, a silky top over a spencer and a blazer or jacket, boots and a long scarf. I also love tweed/twill thick shift dresses or tunics with tights.

  12. Those suede boots are to die for. I recently got a similar heart elbow patch cardigan from Madewell that i’m in love with. Yay, love winter clothes.

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