pssst, portland. meet maven collective.

lucky, lucky portland. there’s a brand new collective in town, a brick and mortar vintage shop, maven collective right there under your very noses in the neighborhood of montavilla. do you have any idea how lucky that makes you? maven collective consists of kim ludy of ethanollie, sue teso of solstice home, rebekah dortmund of little byrd vintage, and jacklyn arvin who originally had the space on her own. the group shared a similar desire for forming a collective in portland — a space that could be shared and curated by women with a similar aesthetic and an appreciation for old, beautiful and handmade things. each of them loved the idea of working collaboratively since all have projects on the side as well, thus maven collective was formed.

not one of those traditionally musty old shops you have to hunt through to find anything of value, maven collective displays vintage wears in such a fresh modern way, you can easily picture them living among your own treasures — just uncluttered, simplified pretty displays that catch your eye. in addition to a great vintage home wares and clothing collection, maven carries handmade goods from local artisans and etsy sellers across the US. they will be featuring monthly pop up shops from some of their favorite makers, the first one being Enhabiten in December. and, in the near future maven has plans to open up the space one night a month to women who are needing a creative space to work in, looking to gather business info, or like the collective, are simply wishing to collaborate and network with other women who may feel a little isolated working alone from home.

oh, and go visit maven collective for their grand opening party Friday, Nov 9th from 6-9 pm and say hi for me. i’m jealous of you, portland! but i’ll be following along on facebook and twitter.

Maven collective
7819 se stark street
portland, or 97215

13 Responses to “pssst, portland. meet maven collective.”
  1. rebecca says:

    It all looks so good! I wish I could go too…

  2. Rachael says:

    I wish i could! Id like to visit the west coast so badly. The collective looks beautiful. Congratulations, ladies!

  3. Cathy Jean says:

    Wow. The white cabinet on-top of the sideboard is so beautiful.

  4. Alison says:

    This is the sort of shop that I’d want to own if I could, ceramic, vintage glass, antique wood and lovely wool.

  5. thanks Victoria, we are so very excited about our shop. cannot wait for you to come and visit in person….an excuse to travel north :)
    we hope everyone in the Portland area stops in and says hi.

  6. Another reason for me to visit Portland! Looks like a dream.

  7. Rebekah says:

    Thank you!!!! Please come see us. We would love it!

  8. Sarah says:

    I was driving by on Monday and saw the storefront so pulled over and went in. A lovely shop.

  9. Tracy says:

    I like the white cabinet

  10. Congratulations ladies on a beautiful, well-curated space! I will be going this November!

  11. Joan says:

    I’m going to Portland in December. Maven is on my “must do” list! See you soon.

  12. I love the renaissance of women; women joining together to do and share what they love. I would love to do that in my home town.

  13. nicole says:

    Maven Collective may just be the most exquisite shop that my eyes have ever seen. i’ve been stalking Kim & the gang’s progress via Facebook for some time now, alas, i will have to stick to buying from their Etsy shops for the time being as i live in Indianapolis. i do hope to visit this lovely dream shop in person one day very soon. the photos are drool-worthy. it’s almost too much talent all in one shop for me to handle! i love their idea of featuring monthly pop-up shops too! i just received the most beautiful, vintage, hand-dyed blanket from Liane at Enhabiten this week. Liane’s creations are fantastical! congratulations to this talented team! thank you for sharing, Victoria. oxo

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