hello, and happy hallowe’en! now, i know what you’re thinking – is she going to hang spooky art in this lovely entry way, just because it’s hallowe’en? ¬†well, maybe just a few masked beauties to kick things off:

boo! ok, it’s out of my system, but i just had to show these huge, spooky portraits by toronto based artist kris knight. oh so beautiful, and oh so disturbing.

now, as soon as i saw this space, i wanted to do something under the stairs. um, how about cheerleaders and flamingos?

ok, there is nothing scary about this! stunning, beautifully complex groups of cheerleaders and flamingos made into fabulous wallpaper by cassandra c. jones. three cheers for custom wallpaper under the stairs!!! hip-hip hooray!

oh dear. now i feel bad for the wall above the stairs. well –

yep, stella mccartney commissioned american artist trey speegle to paint a huge paint-by-numbers mural for her fashion show in paris a few years ago. i would like to steal that idea, and have trey come over to paint a custom mural on that huge white canvas, i mean wall, above that simple black staircase. yes!

and with that, i’m off to do a bit of trick or treating! i hope you all have a happy hallowe’en. see you in two weeks with more art on more walls ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator}

  1. Alison says:

    I love those masked paintings! They feel like sophisticated superheroes or more simple masquerade party attendees. Love!

  2. Rox says:

    ohhh…those masked portraits are so interesting (and you’re right- ‘spooky’). I hadn’t seen that before- thanks for sharing!

  3. hannah sas says:

    masked paintings are so cool! really wish i could have this in my house…if it could fit!

  4. teresa says:

    Holy crap, that wallpaper is fantastic! A very creative way to use flamingos! And cheerleaders. I think it would be cool to have it in your house and watch people discover the birds and cheerleaders upon closer inspection.

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