the coveting continues.

i swear, i think covet garden publishes their online magazine just for me. okay, well, probably not, but it feels like it’s all about me and my aesthetic, so if you like my taste, you’re probably gonna love the current issue of covet garden. as always, each issue features just one creative person and their amazing home, their hobbies, their fashion sense etc. etc. this issue follows another victoria — this one a landscape architect from toronto’s west queen west with a very fashionable home. Her space is full of amazing elements such as steel, stone and plenty of greenery. Victoria also shares her tips for urban gardening in this issue, And as always, there’s lots of great design and style suggestions inspired by Victoria’s eclectic tastes. visit covet garden for the whole wonderful tour.

• photographs by jodi pudge for covet garden.

10 Responses to “the coveting continues.”
  1. Love these lived-in spaces. Where on earth did they get that light fixture in the first picture? It’s incredible!

  2. I am now obsessed w/the first photo! The pendant light, the colors, and I can’t stop staring at that skeleton art , the more I look at it the more I like it, probably bec it looks like it’s smiling :) Covet Garden’s issue was a great read and pics are aaaaaall so pretty! I just liked them on facebook (phew, had totally forgotten to look them up there). Have a GREAT day Victoria.

  3. margarita says:

    haha i am sorry to disappoint you but they do it for e too haha…love this interiors and the magazine too, how is the moving going?

  4. The lighting fixture in the first image is awesome!!

    xo Sara

  5. Jessica says:

    this entire apartment slays me – I love the abundance of light and the perfect balance between modern white and an easy lived in vibe! ps am newly addicted now – thanks ;)

  6. victoria says:

    everyone loves that fixture – i have a feeling it’s handmade. i’ll try to find out!

  7. kris says:

    Hey guys,

    About the shade in the first picture, I just helped remodel my office at work and used a few over our dining table. It’s the Etch Shade by Tom Dixon. :)

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