design for mankind.

“Home, to me, is where the dirty dishes gather after a night of long conversation. It’s where Band-aids are stocked in medicine cabinets, waiting to fix mistakes and mishaps. Home is where the coffee is extra hot, the sheets are extra worn and the windows are extra smudged. It’s a place for muddy paw prints. For scribbled reminders. For overgrown grass.

Simply put, home is a house for the mundane – a foundation of details. A haven for life.”

— erin loechner | design for mankind

• Image from erin’s Instagram.

5 Responses to “design for mankind.”
  1. Yvonne C. says:

    Haha! That kitchen is still too clean. Mine looks like a tornado came through last night.

  2. look see says:

    I wish my dirty dishes looked that good! :)

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