tuesday’s girl: antipast.

Just as how antipasto enlightens ones to have great expectations for the main dish to come, “Being an inspiration to fashion,” ANTIPAST is named to pursue and perform in the same manner. these beautifully detailed tights come from Japanese designers Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato. the designing duo established their fashion company Coup de Champignon in 1991, where their accessory line Antipast first saw its beginnings. Their exotic tights and socks come in a number of bold patterns and colours and evoke a whimsical Japanese sensibility. not to mention their amazing graphics. simply swoon-worthy — just go have a peek at their lookbooks.

their motto? “Antipast inspires and escorts your appetite for wearing just like what the sun does to blossom flowers”. nice.

4 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: antipast.”
  1. Heather says:

    ANTIPAST!!!! is at the top of my favorite things in the world list. Their socks make me ridiculously happy.

  2. LOCZIdesign says:

    These are a lot of fun. Such a throwback to the mod. Junko Jinushi and Kyoko Kato no doubt nod to interior design in their ads which naturally makes us swoon!

  3. shoptwig says:

    Antipast is one of our favorite lines at Twig. So much fun each season.

  4. I’ve never heard of this brand, so *thanks*~
    I’m in complete aw…

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