hello! i’ve been away for awhile – i’ve just moved into a new house {just like my friend victoria!}, and it’s been a little more than crazy over here! anywho, i’m back, and i thought i’d shake things up a bit. not a white wall, not a black wall – that’s right people, it’s a pink wall!

so pretty! ok, i realize there’s already some lovely art there, but i’m just going to quickly photoshop it out, and add a few other options! options like this:

sigh. a gorgeous collection of painted shoes by canadian artist holly farrell. the golds, the pinks, the vintage feel – all of them would be perfect on that rich, pink wall! you know what else would be perfect there? these:

oh, the teeny, tiny paintings of caitlin doherty. i would line them up like a little row of painted polaroid ants! so sweet!

ok, so both of those options are very vintage-ish {lovely with the couch & pillows}, but how about a little touch of modern in this very eclectic space:

gasp!¬†the absolutely stunning paintings¬†of carly waito. i dare you – dare you – to only choose one of these little gems. i don’t know if i could do it – maybe i could rotate them once a week!

ok, back to painting my own walls. i can’t wait to show you everything that i’m going to hang in my new house. hm, that might have to be an upcoming ‘art goes here’! see you soon ~ danielle {aka the jealous curator}

  1. Anne says:

    Those gems are stunning. I love the saturated color!

  2. l.d.n. says:

    Oh wow, those little Polaroid-style paintings are amazing. I love the gems too.

  3. l.d.n. says:

    Oh wow, those little Polaroid-style paintings are amazing. I love using smaller pieces of art rather than the usual huge, statement pieces. More bang for your buck, and I feel like smaller pieces are more engaging, since you have to actually get close and look at them to really see them.

    Gypsy Alchemy

  4. yes! i love them all!!! gems, polaroid paintings, shoes!!! clearly i need more wall space in my new house ; )

  5. Carrie says:

    Pink wall + vintage mustard yellow couch….ymmmy!!

  6. Marjory says:

    Those gems are just divine!

  7. Vivian says:

    I am in love with that sofa!! Vintage I am assuming. I’m drooling over it…

  8. me too… the whole set up is gorgeous!

  9. hannah says:

    the twin paintings are so haunting and beautiful!
    will totally check out this artist!


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