tuesday’s girl: dressed up | dressed down.

i like getting dressed up — just not too dressed up. that’s why i love denim — you can take a sparkly top or a great blazer or both, throw them on with a pair of faded denim jeans and it turns out just right for my kind of dressed up. here’s some of my favorite holiday pieces dressed down with denim.

clockwise, l to r: madewell sequin jacket; zara jacket with metallic buttons; bobbie oxfords from madewell; jcrew red sparkly scattered sequin sweater with denim; emerson fry sailor pant; and zara VELVETEEN MILITARY 3/4 LENGTH COAT.

zara jeans paired with red pumps. perfect!

4 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: dressed up | dressed down.”
  1. Chloe Moon says:

    Is this the style called, “Shabby Chic?” I love it…It’s stylish but it looks comfortable! I love the jackets…they really complete the outfit! =) My fav is the Zara jacket with the metallic buttons with the high collar! Very cool! =)


  2. You can’t beat a well put together mix of high / low.

  3. Love this look as well! Last Christmas I wore a sequined shrug with a neutral tank, denim, and heels. It was perfect for dinner.

  4. missgiven says:

    I am so in love with the jackets and coats this season.

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