sunday in the city.

man-oh-man, it’s been pouring rain pretty much nonstop here in san francisco — so when the sun all of a sudden popped out unexpectedly i grabbed lucy and my camera and headed out for a much-needed walk. our travels took us to the valencia corridor in the mission district where we came upon clarion alley, famous for its ever-evolving murals. and so i snapped a few photos. nice to see you sun, i hope you’ll stick around a while, but i’ll take what i can get.

3 Responses to “sunday in the city.”
  1. Victoria says:

    Beautiful and inspired images Victoria! Thank you, best wishes Victoria @lg

  2. l.d.n. says:

    I love this place! Just walking down that alleyway is one of the highlights of my day. And it doesn’t hurt that its sort of a shortcut between two of my favorite thrift shops in the mission :)

    Gypsy Alchemy

  3. Ulrica says:

    I love Sunday in the City!!! Beauuuuutiful photographs. Hope the rain holds up again soon. xo

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