tuesday’s girl: cocktail attire please.

’tis the season to be fancy. so many parties, so little time so here’s a few ideas to keep you cocktail-attire ready at a moment’s notice. pretty feminine, flirty ideas to spruce up your pretty self.

emerson fry’s gold lennon boots will put some sparkle into any outfit.

probably the most feminine and beautiful blouse i’ve ever seen, celyn b. by elisabetta franchi, via splash studio.

anthropologie’s karinska tulle skirt. add their sparked agate collar to any top to dress it up. i admit it – i had to have this.

anything from ban.do will do nicely: gold sequin scarf; flash bobbi set; metallic twist scarf; metallic mini pom pom flowers.

• top photo of cocktails via aesthetically thinking.

6 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: cocktail attire please.”
  1. Chloe Moon says:

    I’m ebarressed to say that I really don’t have much cocktail attire! I love every dress from Anthropologie’s holiday season especially that tulle one! I need friends who have cocktail parties AND totally update my wardrobe! =) Those gold shoes & blouse are beautiful! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  2. Those are some amazing booties and I love that collar!
    I might need to add those booties to my collection, I seem to have a problem! I have purchased 3 pair of booties this year so far! So, what’s another pair,
    Right :)

  3. Loving all the glitz this season!

  4. Love the gold booties! For anyone that wants a similar style I saw a pair on sale at Anthropolgie recently. I believe they were under $100.

  5. Rachel says:

    That blouse is the most stunning top I have ever seen.
    I saw gold booties like those on sale at Anthro the other week, too! Shoulda grabbed them.
    This most makes me want to drink cocktails and wear gold.

  6. judith b. says:

    Beautiful selection, Victoria! If we only knew how to get our hands on that piece-of-sculpture blouse!

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