good reads: my greek island home.

i first read about My Greek Island Home over on yatzer (one of my favorite blogs if you haven’t checked it out). it’s a new book out from australian designer/artist/photographer claire lloyd and it’s going to make you want to head straight for the greek islands. my greek island home is claire’s very personal documentation of her daily life in a village on the island of Lesvos and about reconnecting with her creativity, with nature and with community after living a hectic life in london.

It’s also about the importance of community living in a time when the world feels so disjointed. The book is filled with photographs of her home, people and things that have inspired claire, along with stories and accounts from her daily life. It tells the story of her journey from Australia to London and how she ultimately made the lazy Greek village her home. watch the video trailer and follow her blog, too. you’ll really get wanderlust.

• all photography by Claire Lloyd.

9 Responses to “good reads: my greek island home.”
  1. gorgeous pics… wonderful inspiring home… and so lovely white… Merci Victoria for this perfect christmas gift I add on my wishlist!!
    L A U

  2. Igor says:

    What a fab introduction, Victoria. Thank you. I lived in Greece as a student and this book will take me back on memory lane. Just in time to put it on my Xmas wish list! Filakia (there you go with Greek:-))

  3. Amy says:

    So much natural light! I love the bright doors.

  4. Leanda says:

    It’s simply heavenly and making me miss my beloved Greece so much (sniff)! I shall definitely be checking out Claire’s blog and book. I do hope it will inspire people to visit a country desperately in need of an economic boost :)

  5. Oh my goodness I need to get this book because I used to spend family holidays in Greece so it’s very close to my heart. My love for the country has *nothing* to do with Mamma Mia! either, promise! ;)

  6. Sarah says:

    The light in Greece is something else. So warming, and bright, it’s impossible to be sad in that sun. Plus the food…

  7. Kim says:


  8. Breathtaking! I love the touches of turquoise throughout the home.

  9. Elena says:

    Oh my,this is The Heaven i dream about that!My two favorites colors.

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