luxe pins.

christmas is just around the corner and i’m sure you are all ready for some well deserved time off and quality time with your family or loved ones; i thought i’d leave you with a few beautiful finds.

first this minimal interpretation of a movie poster for benny & joon designed by grégoire guillemin (no. 1), next a handmade rocket by pat kim made of solid walnut wood (no. 2.), love – a mirrored typographic decor piece by studioliscious (no. 3), a delicious looking gingerbread from may helen’s blog (no. 4), an adorable bee & hive necklace from san francisco based yellow owl workshop (no. 5), and lastly this individually numbered wonderful forever national parks series poster (no. 6).

have a wonderful holiday, and see you in the new year!

aaron from i heart luxe

3 Responses to “luxe pins.”
  1. Prudence says:

    I like number 6… I’m a sucker for maps

  2. Joani says:

    I love Benny & Joon. I was visiting family in Spokane, WA , where it was filmed, the summer it came out. I went to see it at least four times in the old, cheap theater just a few blocks from the milk bottle (which, unfortunately, was not a diner). Lovely poster!

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