i could live here: the stylish home of a dutch interior designer.

hello, si from the french by design blog here for a new “i could live here” tour. today, we’re heading to zelhem, the netherlands for a perfect balance: the stylish home of a dutch interior designer.

ineke is a dutch interior designer. she shares this zelhem, the netherlands, 220 square meter [ 2,370 sq. ft ] apartment with her husband, three teens and four cats. ineke’s interior masterfully mixes art deco with gustavian style, blending contemporary pieces with retro details and flea markets finds. the result is a trendy yet classic retro style flat, with a perfectly balanced dark color palette. cozy, stylish and impeccably chic!

si –- french by design

• photos by morten holtum for bravacasa magazine.

12 Responses to “i could live here: the stylish home of a dutch interior designer.”
  1. Harmony says:

    Podría perfectamente vivir en una vivienda de estas características ;-))

  2. Marjory says:

    What a lovely home! Love the materiality of the bathroom and the bedroom is divine… the bed, the chandelier! Elegant, sumptuous spaces.

  3. So rustically decadent! Is the cat included? :)

  4. ann says:

    O so amazingly beautiful!!!!!

  5. awesome colors throughout!
    Si’s got such an impeccable taste.


  6. This looks so stunning! I am from the Netherlands and this style is well known in Holland. But this house is absolutely perfect!

  7. wow, this is amazing. What a great find. Love the dark, muted greys, browns, and blacks. Happy holidays Si and Victoria!

  8. Brilliant work!!!! I would say “The Perfect Home” as each and everything in the house has been fixed to kept in the right place…….No one could judge whether the house has been designed for its things or it is vice versa…..Good share

  9. Fantastic interiors!!!! I love the kitchen, which looks compact and extremely stylish as well the living room with the cat…….Love the share

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