the shutterbugs: mikkel mortensen.

i love this work from danish photographer MIKKEL MORTENSEN. his photographs kind of remind me of a pastel winter wonderland — everything pale and pristine, like the furniture and beautiful accessories just landed there like freshly fallen snow, no footprints, no sign of mankind. everyone has just left the building, including the photographer. too much? regardless of what the photography and styling makes you feel, MIKKEL MORTENSEN is one very talented photographer and i find his photographs just lovely.

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  1. peggy says:

    I love the gray walls in the first photo. I adore these photos, and I loved your description of them.

  2. That’s absolutely it; these pictures feel like lesser-known stately homes in the countryside. You’re the only visitor that day and you feel like a ghost amongst all the loveliness. Mortensen’s photos are very much the same.

  3. Cabinet Diy says:

    I love the way you have taken the pictures. With the choice of furniture and props, I am left wondering whether it is a home or a studio of performing arts. The pastel shades add softness to the whole outlook and the overall effect is one of calm and peacefulness. I like the colorful cushions heaped on a tool and chairs in a coner of the room as they seem to accentuate the feeling of space required in a studio. Kudos to the photographer who managed to capture this brilliantly.

  4. BY C DESIGN says:

    I love your blog, the pictures are wonderful, the colors pastels too, it’s a beautiful inpiration. Great work.

  5. I love how clean and bright these pictures are. Also, I need that wooden block/stool. So lovely!

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