style + space.

michael bechara design + june hee.

fabian bjornstjerna + petra bindel.

petra bindel + llamas’ valley.

lonny + birch & willow.

mikkel vang + chih-han hsu.

8 Responses to “style + space.”
  1. Casey says:

    Wow, all of these images make me feel so cozy–like I need a rainy day to make soup :)

  2. Oh thanks for putting Llamas’ Valley in such a great company of Petra Bindel :)) Merry upcoming Christmas to you, Victoria!

  3. Caitlin says:

    Wow, each of these image pairs goes together so well! They all bring such a feeling of winter coziness (I think the lack of snow evokes more of a San Francisco sort of winter feeling for me – SF is my home, too). Not sure what it is exactly, but I just adore this post!

  4. Karen T says:

    I love the mood of this, and every image and pairing. But that last combo is particularly inspired.

  5. Pagefortyone says:

    gorgeous images – beautiful.

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