meet paul. after serving in the irish military, he set sail to san francisco & has been a professional barber ever since. that’s 20 years of folks receiving a proper cut if you ask me. this lad has an equally good sense of humor as he does style. a true gentleman & asset to the fsc barber team.

adjacent to the barber shop is freemans sporting club. stocked with an abundance of quality, american handmade goods. perfect for picking up a few accessories after a fresh trim. looking for the perfect suit? they have you covered. with a full-time in-house tailor, they will have your suited up in no time.

– all photographs by nathan michael

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12 Responses to “NM | BEST OF.”
  1. very cool—but am definitely interested in what the barber’s “hangover treatment would be”….and would like each one of those blazers for myself :)

  2. brenda says:

    in response to Mary’s comment being Irish we always say the best hangover cure is ‘ the hair of the dog that bit you’ …so more booze I would say ! he looks like one mean barber :) Great shots

  3. So cool. what swagger. Agreed on the “hair of the dog” comments – totally works! :-)

  4. classiq says:

    Great shots. I enjoy so much this kind of posts, discovering the hidden treasures of a city.

  5. Mr Glitter says:

    I have always wanted to be a barber, but only if I could work at a cool place like this.

  6. Chloe Moon says:

    I’ve heard that there is nothing like a barbershop shave for a man. This lil corner of the world must be like guy-heaven. I like NM’s smile… =)

    Ergo – Blog

  7. erin says:

    Paul is great! He cuts my boyfriend’s hair. : )

    • Michael says:

      Hey – just found out that Paul isn’t at FSC anymore. I’d love to find him. Any idea where he might be?
      Thanks in advance!

  8. Lauren says:

    Oh wow!!! I’m dying over the style of the FSC Barber Shop! Paul is legit!

  9. Love the stylish barber shop, all the one of the best of SF Girl. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  10. Kate says:

    This is a great piece – love how you have captured all the details and what a fabulous character choice. Nice job! :)

  11. nathalie says:

    nathan strikes again….these are amazing…

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