a pinboard in particular: getting warmer.

this my latest pinboard in particular — i have a fondness for beautiful fireplace mantels, and i’ve been collecting favorite images of them. i miss having a fireplace, so pinning mantels is sort of the next best thing – not nearly as warm as a real one, though. here’s my getting warmer pinboard. hope it makes you feel nice and toasty.

jakob nylund, via my scandinavian retreat.

apartment therapy.


light locations; design*sponge; and joseph dirand architecture.

apartment therapy.

the society inc.

• top image by brask-leonhardt via llamas’ valley.

6 Responses to “a pinboard in particular: getting warmer.”
  1. Igor says:

    A fireplace has always been a dream of mine. Alas, they are rather uncommon here. I love them as they are but also love the mantle for little, changing vignettes.

  2. Kari says:

    the simplicity of that last mantel is stunning!

  3. jeannine says:

    that design sponge mantel….well, i just want to marry it. LOVE.

  4. I love all the ones with arches. The weathered looking design sponge one has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw it, but my husband doesn’t like it :(

  5. Stina says:

    I would love to have a fire place. Oh, maybe next time :)
    Did you see this cool Retro-appartement in Stockholm? Love it!


  6. Cathy Jean says:

    I’m studying these pictures and all of them are your apt. basically minus the first photo. You said you thought your new pad needed color. I like the subtlety of color in all of these. The colors kind of speak softly and are barely there but are nice.

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