les copirates.

french collaborators les copirates launched in 2009, Creating, editing and designing mainly with textile and paper and all hybrids of these materials “streaming in a joyful exchange of ideas and experiences”. french collaborators copirates also offer Editions from collaborations with other artists and shares their discoveries of other cultures — sharing things that they love and surround them in everyday life are specially chosen for the site. i love their photo styling and design. have a look at the very beautiful work of copirates.

7 Responses to “les copirates.”
  1. Ergo-Blog says:

    I love the scarves with the lil hearts and the first few images reminds me of Carly Simon’s your so vain song w/ the clouds in my coffee! Cute collection! =)

  2. These are beautiful pieces. Headed to their site now!

  3. amanda says:

    i ADORE the place setting on top. is it ceramic only? i am dying over its layered imperfect look. reminds me of a ceramic piece i have in the style of a burlap bag.


  4. Deborah Beau says:

    A long time favourite of mine too :-)

  5. Camille Iman says:

    The textiles collection is really beautiful, so simple and welcoming!

  6. Lovely. I’m kinda surprised no one has dipped those wooden hangers yet. I bet it would look amazing.

  7. copirates says:

    Merci !!!
    like your life style,lovely to be there…

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