loft life: bella barcelona.

Originally a textile workshop, this lovely loft space in barcelona, spain was fully renovated to enhance the high ceilings, structural beams and all that gorgeous Natural light that floods in through the tall windows. i love how they creatively divided the living space from the sleeping area with simple storage cabinets — functional but beautiful, too. when can i move right in?

• all photos via trendland.

9 Responses to “loft life: bella barcelona.”
  1. Karen A. says:

    The apartment is so gorgeous! I love how simple and clean cut it is, especually the bedroom!

  2. what a fabulous place.
    i love the landline.

  3. I need/want that bathroom cabinet in my life. It’s stunning!

  4. Emma says:

    *Sigh* I have recently been bitten by the ‘loft bug’ and even though its not entirely practical or affordable, my heart wants to live in a loft with wooden floors, high ceilings and lovely windows. Posts like this are not helping my problem!!

  5. EBK Riley says:

    Love this space!

  6. What a fantastic space. I love the openness and cleanness. Looks like such a restful space!

  7. Anne says:

    Thanks for doing all the work for me in finding my dream home. A bit awkward that it is in Spain and that other people seem to live there…

  8. SALLY says:

    woah! literally love everything about this space, it’s so amazing!

  9. Kim L. says:

    This is an amazing space! I would kill for all the natural lighting. Really like the cabinet in the bathroom.

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