angle of repose.


today is a big holiday in america. our president is being sworn in publicly for his second term, and it’s martin luther king jr. day — so we’re celebrating! also, my computer went and sizzled this weekend, so i am without all the photos and posts i was going to share, and access to my server until it comes back from the apple folks. so…it’s kind of a forced day of repose for me and miss lucy. enjoy your day, celebrate something that means something important to you — even the little things, and i will see you back here tomorrow.

• all photos © victoria smith, sfgirlbybay.

12 Responses to “angle of repose.”
  1. Ergo-Blog says:

    Ah! I hope your computer gets fixed! I didn’t realize Obama was also getting sworn in today! Ironic that’s it’s also MLK day! =)

  2. OneDay says:

    Hope your computer is returned to you swiftly! Have a lovely day of repose! :)

  3. Geri says:

    That little Lucy is a real stunner! I could cuddle with her all day on that beautiful bed! Have a nice day off!

  4. susan black says:

    omg ! what a gorgeous dog portrait,
    the colour palette is stunning

  5. jessica says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful photo of your adoring Lucy! A vision in blush! Although a great day to repose and reflect, I wish you and your computer a speedy recovery, without further delay. I look forward to all of your posts each and every week!

  6. kim says:

    Beautiful Miss Lucy! Beautiful room! Good luck with the apple people.

  7. Carrie says:

    Love this photo!
    Can you tell me the breed of this dog?

    • victoria says:

      she’s just a mixed breed rescue mutt, so i’m not sure. lots of guesses to which mixes – catalan sheep dog, bearded collie, tibetan terrier, husky…it changes daily. :)

  8. jenny says:

    Happy days! Love you Miss Lucy. And Miss Victoria, too!

  9. Tristan B. says:

    This reminds me of a photo by Slim Aarons of a young Joan Collins with her pink poodle.


  10. honeydonthink says:

    Love this photo! Hope your day off was relaxing:)

  11. Claire says:

    I just rescued my dog a few weeks ago and when I stumbled upon this, I swear I thought this photo was of him. Such a striking resemblance. Gorgeous pup!

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