a pinboard in particular: a book by its cover.


this is my latest pinboard in particular — i call it a book by its cover and it’s a collection of vintage book covers that i fell in love with. like so many things, they very often don’t design ’em like they used to. always exceptions to this rule, but i love the graphics and typefaces i found in these book covers.


bol.com and the accidental optimist.


george orwell’s animal farm from Professor Booknoodle.


three lives by gertrude stein from Veiled Through Time.


vouge’s first reader from assouline and the bell jar by sylvia plath via philo sofia.


ezra pound’s selected poems and the rose tattoo by tennessee williams, both from design collect.

• top image via minoo design.

8 Responses to “a pinboard in particular: a book by its cover.”
  1. Aaron says:

    Hi Victoria! Glad to have found your blog. Thanks so much for including some books from the Alvin Lustig collection @ designopolis. As one of our featured designers, we always stock a good amount of his work in the shop.

  2. Ergo-Blog says:

    I know I shouldn’t but I so judge a book by it’s cover! I have to check out your board!!! =)

  3. Hilary says:

    Thanks for the literary eye candy. I love these, especially the oddly cheerful Kierkegaard. One wonders what the design brief looked like for that one –

  4. Vicky says:

    Hi Victoria – I think you’ll like From Cover to Cover (http://www.from-cover-to-cover.com). The designer Jenny Volvovski (who also happens to be my sister) redesigns book covers after she reads them. The designs have a similar esthetic to some of the ones you picked here.

  5. Sarah says:

    I can always be relied on to be completely swayed by cover art. What can I say? I love good design!

  6. ally says:

    this is one of my most time consuming habits (also money consuming) i get sucked in for hours at a time looking at covers online, then it always happens the same week i do that, i spend hours in bookstores looking for the best vintage covered books. eh, it’s really not that terrible.

  7. well, perhaps I need to start another pinterest board as well to highlight book covers. i purchased this book this week because i simply fell in love with the cover.

  8. Libbynan says:

    Whenever I walk into any antique venue, the first thing I look at is books. I love old books! I especially love old books if they contain the original owners name; and if they have a gift superscription, I am in heaven. I agree that the old jackets , with their more subdued and more designed covers, are more satisfying than today’s more garish jackets. Of course, I think the books themselves were better, too. But that’s just me……

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