hello again! phewf – january was a crazy month over at the jealous curator, but i’m so, so happy to be back on sfgirlbybay!

so, i found this photo the other day on the site of a helsinki based stylist/designer, minna jones – this is her home, and in the post she mentioned that she had just painted this room white, and said “for a while i’ll enjoy it this way. for me, white is a color that waits for something, even just a stain…”


well, i hope she doesn’t mind, but i just can’t wait! ok, so, in that post she also said “outside is dark and storming, and I don’t enjoy it at all.”  hm, maybe a cluster of sunny san francisco surfers will cheer her up:


oh, the surfer girls of margaret kilgallen. love! if these ladies don’t help you forget about the grey skies outside, i don’t know what will!

now, lately i’ve been loving the look of leaning art, instead of hanging it – especially when it’s huge. like these:


really, really big kids! and not just any kids. this is a series by canadian artist louis boudreault {seen above}, titled destiny. these gorgeous, gigantic, mixed media pieces are the childhood portraits of such greats as einstein, and picasso! brilliant. and also so, so, beautiful. i would happily lean one of these kids on any wall in the world!

ok. now, all of these next pieces would be absolutely perfect in this space {but especially the last two!!!}:


this is the work of one of my most favorite artists at the moment. maria aparicio puentes sews on found photographs – and tell me that ray and charles eames would not be perfect in a little frame, with that white wall all to themselves!? a perfect compliment to those fantastic chairs!

alright, so i didn’t wait for a stain to find it’s way onto that lovely white wall, and again, i really hope minna doesn’t mind that i just had to hang, and lean, a few things in her space. and with that, i’m off to find more white walls! i’ll see you back here in two weeks ~ danielle {the jealous curator}

  1. Amberly says:

    Those child portraits of historical figures are waaay cool! Such a clever idea, I want to look at them all! It’s that very last piece however that I would love to have in my home! Thanks for sharing these fantastic pieces of art!!

  2. LOVE the stitched ray and charles!

  3. honeydonthink says:

    Thanks for showing the Margaret Kilgallen pieces – I love them. So sad that she died in 2001 at the age of 33 just three months after her daughter was born (from breast cancer). One of the surf series done in 1997 measuring just 8 & 1/2″ by 11″ sold last year in New York at auction for just under $30K.

  4. Margaret Kilgallen’s work is brilliant.Would love to have some in my home. I am sure it would look stunning in the space above.

  5. Marjory says:

    Love maria aparicio puentes stitched photographs of beautiful colored threads woven against the black and white background. So imaginative!

  6. Cecile says:

    So happy to see that you are back – I love your posts for this series and wait for them eagerly!

  7. Anathalia says:

    Fantastic pics! But those huge kids are my favorite! Gorgeous!

  8. Great idea by Louis Boudreault! These massive portraits are amazing!
    Zoe xxx

  9. victoria says:

    I’ve always loved Margaret Kilgallen’s work. Such humor and warmth. I feel lucky to have met her at a show in Philadelphia many years ago.

  10. peggy says:

    I love the Jealous Curator posts! Always such interesting ideas for art. I also adore propped, large art and am fascinated by the child series.

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