flora, foraged.


there’s a uniquely lovely little floral shop in san francisco’s hayes valley you need to know about. it’s tucked behind the beautiful h.d.buttercup shop, in bed, and it’s quaint, but in no way overly fussy. louesa is run by a a lovely woman of the same name and it’s not your traditional florist. it’s much more unexpected — natural flora carefully curated by designer and floral artist louesa roebuck with whatever is in season — like cherry and quince blossoms foraged from the bay area foothills or friends’ farms, and large looming exquisite magnolia branches.


the tiny shop showcases one of a kind and vintage collectibles as well — like ceramics, linens and jewelry that are quite hard to resist. rather than hunting the flower mart and the uniformity of agribusiness, louesa finds beauty and inspiration in the perfect imperfection of Northern California — The intersection of west Marin and San Francisco and The immediacy of the seasons. she’s constantly seeking what is most fertile and fresh, as well as the sad beauty of decay.

fragrances like lemon verbena and sage infuse the charming space, pastel petals are strewn about haphazardly, and chandeliers mingle with tangled branches and modern pendant lamps, with apothecary jars and old-school scissors at the ready, awaiting a perfectly imperfect arrangement by louesa’s aesthetically artistic touch. in much the way she approaches printing, painting, textile, and food, louesa looks for Line, color, form and negative space — Negative space which is missing in most floral work. do drop in for a visit the next time you’re in hayes valley.









• all photos © victoria smith, sfgirlbybay.

15 Responses to “flora, foraged.”
  1. Yvonne C. says:

    We ADORE Loesa! My boys and I discovered her nook behind the teal dutch doors (made by her) on Christmas Eve day. We literally stumbled in upon her that afternoon by chance. Lucky us! We found a delightful vintage photo and a small bud vase for the boys’ grandmother. Loesa brought out an old school handwriting paper for the boys to write a note on it and then she carefully gift wrapped our new bud vase inside. She has a special touch and if I lived in the city again, I would treat myself to her floral arrangements on my birthday. Thank you for posting her today!! yvonne :)

  2. Ergo-Blog says:

    What a beautiful shop!! Wow, I wish I could visit it!

  3. sue says:

    ohmy victoria, you have absolutely captivated my heart with this post… the simple beauty of this shop & its ethos are matched only by your words… what a lovely combination indeed & i do wish i didn’t live a plane ride away or this would be my regular!

  4. Suzie says:

    These pictures are beautiful! What a cute shop.

  5. Gumshoe says:

    Lovely photographs! Just looking at the pictures made me feel a spring breeze with the warm sun. Very uplifting on a winters day!

  6. joody says:

    thanks for sharing! I didn’t know there was a store behind hd buttercup! will definitely check it out!

  7. kim says:

    Love, Love her website! You always find the best stuff!

  8. Ruth says:

    I love the photo’s, and the shop looks just adorable!

  9. Denise says:

    I covet that ladder for potted plants. Wonderful shop to explore next time I’m in SF. Thanks!

  10. Just wonderful. Planning a trip (perhaps a relocation?) to SF and will definitely stop by.

  11. Cathy Jean says:

    She is absolutely talented. We know her in Oakland as she once owned a fabulous jean shop/art gallery called August.
    I am really looking forward to seeing what she is doing now!
    And I am gong-ho serious when I say she is talented – I mean that woman is talented!
    Great eye- fabulous old-world aesthetic.

  12. Leslie says:

    This place (+ your photos) are gorgeous!!!

  13. Camille Iman says:

    Thanks for sharing Victoria, I’ll have to stop in there next time I’m in the area. I love learning about places to visit in the city!

  14. Linda Leyble says:

    Wow Victoria – what lovely photographs and a gorgeous store! I was in SF last year visiting my daughter – but I missed this store. It’s my kind of floral design – very loose and natural.

    I have been to your blog many times before – but found you again today via The Daily Basics’ shout out to you.


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