tuesday’s girl: springtime coats.


coat cloudy from kling shop + marte.

do you remember when you were little, and towards the end of february or early march you’d need a new pair of shiny patent leather maryjanes or perhaps a new spring coat? those early mornings when you could still see frost on the ground and a hint of crocus pushing their way to the surface, but it was just too warm for winter wool? i was out photographing the post for later today and it certainly put me in the mood for spring — you’ll see why soon enough — but in the meantime, i thought i’d round up a few cute coats for springtime.


twiggy trench at kling shop + Bunny Pico by designer Ross Menuez at areaware.


inside out magazine + kling shop’s kate jacket.


dottie angel pompoms + Front Row Shop Light Pink Coat.


madewell jean jacket in coral + tren di nozze striped straws.


patent t-strap brogues + aroya brocade jacket both from anthropologie.

11 Responses to “tuesday’s girl: springtime coats.”
  1. Great selection of coats and great pairings with other inspiring photos!

  2. I like them all! Esp. the black and white with pops of color.

    xo annaofgreengable

  3. Mina says:

    Loving that striped black and white coat! And those t-straps are just awesomely cool! : )

  4. Ergo-Blog says:

    I miss getting a new coat in the spring! Maybe this year I’ll invest in one of those beauties!! =)

  5. Julie says:

    Cannot wait for spring!

  6. I want the Kate jacket! And haven’t I seen you wearing the Twiggy trench?

  7. kim says:

    Love the brocade jacket- great choices.

  8. Maria says:

    I recently came across your blog, I like it! lovely colors in this post!

  9. Love the Anthrologie finds- they can go straight into my closet ( where is my magic wand?)

  10. Anathalia says:

    I love this post! I am so ready for Spring! ;)

  11. Zuley says:

    Love the jean jacket colored and the striped dress combo. Inspired!

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