hello! so, last week i saw this lovely room that victoria wrote about on minted:


i thought it was oh so lovely, and honestly not in need of much art. well, maybe just a bit of art – but i’m not going to use one nail! ready?


yes, it’s true! beautiful white quilts sewn with full maps of your favorite cities! of course, i felt it was only appropriate to show the san francisco quilt here, but you can also buy paris, new york, london – or, you can have the lovely folks at haptic lab, in brooklyn, create a custom quilt of your own home town. they’ll also add special tidbits like your wedding anniversary, or your street address! love.

speaking of fabric:


art, in the form of geometric folding pillows! this work is by mika barr, an artist/designer from tel aviv, israel. one for the bed, and one for the chair, please, and thank you!

ok, so i’ve decided to take out the painting that was on the far left of that fabulous low shelf, and i’ve replaced it with this:



sigh. the wooden sculptures of atlanta based artist drew tyndell. i love how dramatic the ceiling is in this room, so i thought the peeked wooden roofs in drew’s work were a great compliment to the space – and the warm wood with that bed frame? yes. i kinda love that too!

so that’s that. art, and not even one nail got hammered in to those lovely white walls! until next time ~ danielle {aka the jealous curator}

  1. Eline says:

    I love the geometric fabric!

  2. I love the city quilts! What a great idea! And subtle, too. Those must be hard to sew!

    xo annaofgreengable

  3. So lovely! I want that white quilt with a city quilted on it! It is such a genius idea. xo

  4. Keely says:

    Love all of it, gorgeous!

  5. Abbey says:

    Great space! Love the use of textiles!

  6. Rachel says:

    Oh I love this house! It belongs to a Swedish glass artist, and I tore it out of Elle Decor UK when they published it. So simple and peaceful looking, it’s my prime example of how to live simply! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kate says:

    I LOVE these city quilts. Wonderful concept, beautiful execution. Wish I could afford a custom one!

  8. Christopher says:

    The photo is from the summer house and studio of the Swedish glass (primarily) artist, Ingegerd Råman.

    She is very active designing glass for Orrefors.

  9. Linda Leyble says:

    Wow – I will have to take a trip to Brooklyn! I love the city quilts! I never heard if them before…so thank you!


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