hello! so, yet another lovely room that i want to put some art into, but today i’ve decided to focus on ceramics! ready? of course you are:


i found this lovely space in MILK magazine. the article is written in french, so i’m pretty sure this is office space within an architect’s home in brussels {but that might be really wrong, so don’t quote me on it!}. if it is in fact an office space, i’m going to assume that this is where everyone eats lunch. if i assume that, then i get to put a row of these right down the middle of that big white table:


who wouldn’t want to have their lunch served in watermelon bowls? that would make my work day brighter! this is the lovely work of australian artist samantha robinson. i just wrote about these bowls on my site, and clearly i’m looking for any excuse to write about them again… love!

so, you’re mid-meeting and someone brings you coffee in one of these:


ah, this meeting just got a whole lot cuter! american ceramics artist amanda smith will make sure you have little girls for your tea and coffee, while singing song birds decorate the table. and now, to get the ceramics off of the table so you can get some work done:


oh, i absolutely love these collections of clustered ceramics that can be hung on the wall, by american artist ann agee. i would do two all white clusters between those lovely windows, but i really wanted to show you those blue, and pink & blue pieces too. such gorgeous work!

alrighty, that’s all for now. if you find a photo of a room that you think needs a little art, send it my way! see you soon ~ danielle {the jealous curator}

  1. I love this idea of using a couple of wood planks to make a long table, painted in white. I need something like this, with cute little red stools for when I have my family dinners. The crowd keeps getting bigger!

  2. Oh but look at those beautiful white walls crying out for some big bold red photography face mounted to acrylic.

  3. mlleparadis says:

    lovin those clusters!

  4. I am in love with those watermelon ceramic bowls. SUCH delicate and amazing design. I love the idea of showcasing ceramics. Beautiful.

  5. Kreetta says:

    Love the ceramics and the loooong table. I wish I had a space where I would have it…it would be nice to have as a working space…never clean up – just start new project next to it, haha.

  6. The watermelon bowls on that long white table–simply delectable! (And I’m crushing on those cheeky ceramic heads.)

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