i just keep on coveting.


this month’s covet garden features the inspiring home of michael, a much sought after catering chef in the toronto area and a true renaissance man. his talents seem to be endless — from his amazing styling skills around the home mixing industrial, mid-century modern and vintage finds of all kinds, to cooking, sewing and a maker of all things beautiful, including his stunning dining room table. read the whole issue of covet garden, which continues to simply focus on one home tour per issue and do it really, really well. this is another favorite issue.






12 Responses to “i just keep on coveting.”
  1. Giulia Doyle says:

    Isn’t it amazing to see a full issue dedicated to one home? I really like the homes they choose and the stories that go along with them. One day maybe they’ll expand beyond Toronto as I’d like to see a broader view of Canadian homes.

  2. honeydonthink says:

    Great shots of a wonderful resdience in my hometown! I just love the x-ray machine plugged in to illuminate the skull shots.

  3. Shannon says:

    Oooh, I also covet. Love the different woods. And the general vintage-y goodness of course.

  4. Maral says:

    I. Love. This. Place.
    Simultaneously sparse+warm, arty+industrial. The juxtaposed seating, kitchen flooring, vintage gems throughout… /sigh/

  5. Ana says:

    I have a fascination with vintage dress forms, so I am absolutely loving this!

  6. richele says:

    I’ve been sort of obsessed with the idea of an X-ray viewer in my house. I’ve got some funky xrays that would make great art.

  7. Karen says:

    I am breathless over this place-thanks for posting Victoria!

  8. Evita says:

    There are so many wonderful things to covet in this home and I’m zeroing in on the dress forms. I’m green with envy right now!

  9. mims says:

    at first glance, I loved the warmth and textures, but on closer examination this place creeped me out. Sort of silence of lambish and a bit ghoulish. Not sure I would want a dinner invite here.

  10. Maria G. says:

    I enjoyed the tour. It’s nice to see other people’s homes featured, revealing nice styles and home decorations. I admit it made me envious but it sure gives me an idea on how I can decorate or style my own home.

  11. Laura says:

    I love the mix of masculine/feminine, light/dark, soft/hard.

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