thoughts for a friday.



you may have noticed a lot of oval-egg-shaped things interrupting your internet airwaves the past few weeks. bunny rabbits, too — they’re simply everywhere! oh yeah, it’s easter. so for this thoughts for a friday i am putting my own twist on those silly wabbits, and on the incredible edible and in this case more-often than not, inedible egg. i hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend.


• Papier-mâché easter bunnies? these bunny masks are so fantastic from artist elsa dray fargas. i’d wear one of these and hop around hiding easter candy. i’d scare the entire neighborhood, but hey, it’d be so much fun.


• i don’t usually decorate easter eggs, but if i did, i’d love to make some black and white ones like these from stormy afternoon. and i’d like to do it while sitting in these Vintage egg-shaped Solair Basket Chairs from hindsvik. simply smashing — the chairs, not the eggshells.


• why not identify yourself with diy polka-dot fingerprint eggs? i love this sweet idea from hello lidy. a sweet idea to share the family finger prints and look great all at the same time.


• a pink acapulco chair? yes please! i love these pastel pink vintage acapulco patio pink acapulco chairs. they’d look exceptionally lovely at any modern easter picnic.

8 Responses to “thoughts for a friday.”
  1. Meg Sylvia says:

    the pink acapulco chairs are sweet! Never thought of using something like that for a patio but i like the idea.

  2. Kari says:

    Not sure if those bunny masks are fun or creepy, but I love them.

  3. Sarah says:

    love your friday posts:)

  4. Sandra says:

    Your blog kept me sane during an awful job I worked at the past year and half. I logged
    onto your blog first thing in the morning and that kept me going.

    I’ve since quit that lousy job and I’m still logging on and enjoying your site.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Keren says:

    I love the idea of spring elements but abstracted. Eggs are too literal! The fingerprints look like little Zebra eggs, if such a thing existed. Brava.

  6. Tom says:

    I love those black and white eggs. Very classy. Anyway, a Happy Easter to you!

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