an english woman in new york.


i adore the the selby so i’m always excited when he’s photographed someone i admire, and today was elated to see british Style writer and interior designer rita konig featured. looks like rita invited photographer todd selby in for an intimate look at her very colorfully charming and british-looking manhattan apartment. i’ve long been a fan of rita, since her days at domino magazine, and now she’s back at T Magazine sharing more design inspiration. normally Living in London, rita also keeps a new york apartment and it’s there that we’re allowed one of the selby’s always very personal sneak peeks. from cabbage roses to a lovely library, i’m smitten by all. have a look at the full tour on the selby.







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  1. Rita surely lives in style. I loved her feminine style with so many colors and flowers around her. I adore that large painting with a dark background right above the fireplace…that could be died for. Thanks for sharing Victoria.

  2. Anathalia says:

    I love how Selby captures the atmosphere of the homes he photographs! I’ve been following his website for a while and I’m always eager to see what’s coming next. This apartment is specially beautiful!

  3. The Selby is my crack! As much as I LOVE the site I get a real satisfaction of flipping through the book! Just yesterday morning I was going through it for the millionth time with coffee in hand. I always get something new out of it. It’s so inspiring, quirky and funny and often leaves me curious and hungry for more. Glad he did one on Rita! She is one of the first girls’ I noticed from one Domino mag to the next. I was seduced and loved her small charming space, I remember it by heart. She made me realize that using some pink in a space is okay!!

  4. I love how her space feels both urban and cottage-esque.

  5. Bridget says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Selby + Konig is like a match made in charming interiors heaven. adore!


  6. Bekuh says:

    I love this! The cozy little details, the bowl of photographs. Everything is delightful.

  7. Ana says:

    Oh my gosh, her style is always such an inspiration. But I have to admit, I like your apartment more. ;)

  8. elizabeth says:

    is this the same apartment that was featured in domino? the furnishings have all changed since then.

    i love her style!

  9. kim says:

    Just beautiful! The art above the mantle is perfectly placed, almost has a french salon feel .And I love a bookcase in the kitchen.

  10. Sarah says:

    day has been so brightened!

  11. Ilona says:

    Love Rita! The Selby features her old NYC apartment. She has a blog ( where she chronicles her inspirations and progress of her current place.

  12. Sarolta says:

    I’m a big fan of Rita. All the stuff she wrote on T Magazine blog was like a decorating law to me. I tried most of her ideas at home and she was always right. Love her style!

  13. Rita says:

    I have so loved reliving my 9th St apartment this week! I LOVE The Selby and am just so excited to be on it. Thought I would drop a line to say my first column is up on T Online this weekend. Am in a coffee shope writing my posts at the moment. Have gone back to T! Am very excited as I missed it while I was at WSJ.
    Thanks so much for posting, Rita x

  14. Rachel says:

    I’m a fan of Rita’s as well! If you’re familiar with her mother’s style (I think Domino or Elle Decor UK did a story on it), then you can see that influence, but, Rita’s style comes through in this home. It’s so colorful and unabashedly English :)

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