to italy, with love.


have you ever spent time in cinque terre, italy? it’s one of my favorite places on earth — five (thus the cinque) little villages along the italian coastline. i spent a summer here and dream of going back. you can hike trails from village to village, through vineyards and orchards with stunning views of the mediterranean. or you can take the train, or if you’re a little more adventurous hop in one of the small ferry boats and cruise to each of the five hilltop towns by sea. but no matter how you travel from village to village, it’s all bellissimo. if you’re craving this kind of escape, this trip with Bianca Gignac from italian fix may be just what you’re seeking.


Bianca fell in love with cinque terre (and her husband who’s from there) 10 years ago and has traveled there extensively vacationing and visiting family. now she hosts personalized trips that wraps her Cinque Terre insider knowledge, her family, friends and connections into a week of tremendous fun that is designed to recharge your batteries and make your life just that much sweeter. italian fix has a group trip for just ten travelers coming up, with home base the gorgeous village of Riomaggiore for 6 nights, from June 18 – June 24, 2013. It’s a get together on the Italian Riviera with people chosen to inspire, teach and entertain you in a relaxed and ultra-fun environment.

this trip includes:

• a week of pure ‘you’ time immersed in the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline with daily healthy Italian meals filled with fresh vegetables, seafood and local wines.

• a room with a view of the wine terraces with your own peaceful private sunny patio dotted with jasmine blossoms.

• it’s not all just eating – there’s also exclusive access to a personal trainer and optional private daily morning fitness classes in the mediterranean air right from your hotel. just in case you want to work off some of that pasta.

• new recipes and cooking skills — learning how to prepare easy meals for your ‘real life’. You’ll also learn Italian family recipes because you’re invited to the home of a local — a night of cooking and eating, Italian style (and you’ll be raiding his wine cellar too!).

• a day of shopping with locals in a small city for those yummy Italian shoes, clothes and home decor — speaking Italian not required, or figuring out which stores to go to — You’ll have a bilingual personal shopper help you find mementos and treasures to take home.

• it’s pretty much A totally stress-free Italian getaway — a relaxed ultra-fun week away from work, obligations and your dreaded inbox. Your friendly hosts will personally show you the best sights, villages, beaches and food of the beautiful and charming cinque terre. no planning or organizing or stress because Italian Fix takes care of everything.

• this trip is designed exclusively for women of all ages and space is limited to 10 people and reservations are being taken now (this is their last trip of the year). travel on your own with the group, or bring a friend. you can see the full itinerary here and read reviews from previous attendees here. ciao!



• all photos by Leela Cyd, except group shot by Filippo Mutani.

this post in partnership with italian fix.

27 Responses to “to italy, with love.”
  1. Gorgeous! I was there once many years ago and have been dying to go back ever since!

  2. Sammy says:

    So unbelievably gorgeous. I would give ANYTHING to go there!!!

  3. joody says:

    Yes, I’ve been there during my study abroad in Italy! It was so beautiful and loved how every little town had it’s own charm. And who can forget that bridge?! I can’t wait to go back!

  4. Dominique says:

    I’m porting there on my honeymoon in about 2 weeks! Can’t wait!

  5. Fauzi says:

    Lovely! Adding this into my bucket list of places to go.

  6. Heidi E. says:

    Hi Victoria,

    This sounds splendid, but I’m more of an Anglophile. Do you know of any similar group vacations offered in the UK?

    • victoria says:

      heidi, i’ve never been on one, but i’ve heard of bicycling trips through the U.K. I’m sure if you googled culinary trips, or women’s group trips some options would come up! :)

  7. Helen says:

    That looks like an amazing holiday in an gorgeous place – what a package! Some dedicated me time? Sounds just like my cup of tea

  8. Michelle says:

    I was just there last May; I fell in love with it and Italy as a whole. They seriously live incredible, beautiful lives over there. I’m totally envious of you spending a summer there. It’s a fantastic place to be!

  9. Hannah says:

    Check out an awesome organization to benefit this region of Italy! A friend of mine started it while living in Italy shortly after the region was devastated my mudslines. It can offer great travel info as well as tips on how to tour the region in a responsible way- ways to help too!
    Students for Cinque Terre!/studentsforcinqueterre?fref=ts

  10. mel says:

    Oh yes and I LOVE this place! I visited it back in ’97 and it left a lasting impression… The walk and ending up on a beach beside an old church and falling asleep exhausted to wake up to a man singing opera… I would go back in a heartbeat, thanks for taking me back for a few minutes, it felt good! Mel

  11. Oh me oh my! What is there not to like? Italy will always be my first home…I adore everything abou it . Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Sarah says:

    Wow! that is definitely a bucket-list trip, those pics are so beautiful!

  13. Jade Sheldon says:

    Oh my. I absolutely adore Italy. I’ve never been to Cinque Terre but now I absolutely have to go… it seems absolutely breathtaking…

  14. Raya says:

    Oh, Italy. It’s been 10 years, but we are going this Summer for two weeks and I am so, so excited.

  15. maria says:

    cinque terre has to be one of my fav places in the world, i went there twice but unfortunately i went there for a one day trip, it so beautiful especially in the spring the kind of towns you see in postcards even better!
    the food fresh from the sea….amazing hiking trails,,,and nice people and don’t get me started on the gelato or the coffee either!!!!
    i wish i could join Italian fix….you got me the travel bug :)
    there is always next year:)

    • Hi Maria,

      One day trips just aren’t enough! That is why we have 6 nights! I’ve seen so many people come to the Cinque Terre for one day and immediately change their itinerary to cancel a whole leg of their trip cause they possibly can’t leave!

      Sorry — this trip won’t be offered next year. Just now or in 2015. Carpe diem honey.

      Love, Bianca

  16. Marjory says:

    I know the feeling of wanting to return to a place that has a spot in your heart. I would love to go back to Rome. Ah, la dolce vita! I’ve never been to cinque terre, but would love to visit!!! Trails, vineyards and views of the Mediterranean, divine! :)

  17. kristy says:

    This lady knows how to organize a marvelous adventure. She is a beautiful soul.
    Don’t think, just do it :)

  18. Jennifer says:

    I have been to Europe, sadly, not Italy! But I love that Italians have such a festive, and welcoming culture. As a blogger I imagine you can work from anywhere, do you travel often Victoria?

  19. honeydonthink says:

    So beautiful Victoria -one of your posts last year inspired me to go last May not long after the torrential trains and mudslides! It is incredibly beautiful and the food is to die for! Everyone I met was so friendly. I stayed in La Spezia and found a really beautiful apartment on – trains left every fifteen minutes to the Cinque Terre and took about half an hour. You can buy a pass to hop on and off the train going from town to town as well as paying for the hiking trails through lemon groves and vineyards with always a different spectacular view of the ocean. If I win the lottery I’d sign up and come back in a second:-)

  20. Tripobox says:

    Great photos! It looks like an awesome place, definitely going to plan a trip there! Could anyone give me some advice on where to start planning this?

  21. Xiaolinmama says:

    I’m headed there this summer with my family. Think they do special trips? How gorgeous. Thanks for the tip!

  22. Fashion Mom says:

    I absolutely love the Cinque Terre and the surrounding region! We were just there last year:

    It is really too bad a few villages got damaged by the hurricane of 2012, but I am looking forward to go back this summer!

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