tastes orangey | a giveaway.


Pee Wee Herman summed up Clare Elsaesser’s feelings towards the good things in life in an episode of Pee Wee’s Playhouse about popsicle making: “mmmmm, tastes orangey.” northern california artist Clare Elsaesser opened her etsy shop tastes orangey in this spirit and began painting full time and has been supporting herself through art sales since 2009. she sells Giclée prints of her beautiful original paintings, made with archival pigment inks on heavy stock fine art paper. and today, clare is offering a lovely giveaway of her 16 x 20 prints to six lucky readers.



to enter to win one of the 6 tastes orangey 16 x 20 prints we are giving away, simply:

• visit tastes orangey and pick out the print you’d love to win.

• comment here on the blog sharing your favorite tastes orangey print by tuesday, april 30th at midnight PST.

• this giveaway is for worldwide delivery! yay!

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce a random winner the week of may 6th on my twitter account, so be sure to follow along.




435 Responses to “tastes orangey | a giveaway.”
  1. Maribeth says:

    I love the “Favorite Place” print. What a wonderful giveaway!

  2. Ooh – “so much” please. What a fun giveaway!

  3. Amanda says:

    I’ve been a fan of Clare’s for awhile on Etsy. Her work is amazing. I would have to go with the first print that I discovered of hers. My home is the sea.

  4. Shae says:

    I love “Smug Fox”!

  5. ash says:

    I’ve been following this artist on Etsy for a while. I really love her work. I would have to flip a coin to decide between Married to the Sea and Watching Trees.

  6. Arlene says:

    I’ve had her “Undress” print favorited on Etsy for quite some time now!

  7. Krysta says:

    Wow, what beautiful work! I think I love Watching Trees the most but it was so hard to choose a favorite!

  8. natalea says:

    oooh! love all of them, but my favorite is “Favorite Place”…would love to win any of these! thanks for the chance and for sharing a wonderful etsy shop i didn’t know about! natalea

  9. emily says:

    I’ve been admiring these for a while now. They have such a great spirit! I love the new flower series, but my favorite in the 16×20 size is of the couple in bed (NOVEMBER . large archival giclee art print poster of original couple in love acrylic painting) :)

  10. Amy says:

    Wow, I LOVE “Rose Queen.” So many beautiful paintings, but that one is definitely my favorite!

  11. Erin says:

    I love the large (13 x 19) ‘To the Night’ print. So simple and beautiful. All of Clare’s work is gorgeous and I would be so thrilled to have something by her in my home!

  12. brianne says:

    Rose Queen!

  13. Cari says:

    I’ve been eying these this week! How to decide? I love Navy and Yellow, but Pillow Land would be so right in my bedroom!

  14. Kayleigh says:

    My favorite is her Married to the Sea Print. It is so beautiful!! xo, Kayleigh (kbellant16@gmail.com)

  15. Ros says:

    Ooooh. I’ve currently got a print of her Married to the Sea in my bathroom, and I love it. :)

    I love Asleep. It’s a gut-deep representation of pure bliss.

  16. Meg S says:

    I love these so much. I especially love Married to the Sea. Definitely bookmarking these for the future.

    mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

  17. Quinn Cooper says:

    Love “UNDRESS”. All of them are quite beautiful. I had a hard time choosing.
    I’m happy you introduced me to this artist, she has greta stuff!
    xo Quinn
    twitter: @qc_style

    Quinn Cooper Style

  18. Natalie says:

    oh i can’t decide! they’re all so amazing. either honeymoon or covered. nataliekershaw22@gmail.com

  19. Bess says:

    The 12×16 ‘Flowers for Ines’ is by far my favorite (of the week)! I have loved Claire’s work for years! What a great giveaway :)

  20. Annabelle says:

    My fav is “THREE” :) but all of these are so lovely
    Bizou xx

  21. Debbie says:

    Love “Married to the Sea”, “Red Ribbon” and “Lost and Found” ! Her work is lovely. Simplebut dynamic.

  22. mary says:

    How great!
    I really like “Sweet Dreams”

    thanks for the chance

  23. Jams says:

    Love love love Head Over Heels! Great shop!

  24. McKenzie says:

    I LOVE the ‘So Much’ painting! I will now waste valuable work time perusing this etsy… Thanks!

  25. Sarah says:

    oh my! how can you chose a favorite? i’ve had my eye on ‘my home is the sea’ for a long time, but also love ‘to the night’!

  26. jen severtsgaard says:

    pillow land is my favorite :)

  27. janine says:

    wow. I love her work! There are numerous ones I would love to hang on my walls pass by all day long. Numero uno is UNDO.

  28. steph says:

    love From the Garden!

  29. Marisa says:

    So much loveliness to choose from – My Home is the Sea & Undo are favourites. @MarisaEdghill

  30. Kat says:

    What a wonderful way to start the day… by being introduced to a ‘new’ artist! I think “November is my favorite, but “Blue Bird” and “Ring of Roses” aren’t far behind!

  31. alexis says:

    To The Night, for sure.

  32. Camille says:

    I love the Grew Into print. Beautiful!!


  33. kristin says:

    There’s so much passion in Flower Child. I’m completely drawn in by it.

  34. Diana Rogers says:

    Ohhh, thanks so much for introducing this artist. I fell instantly in love with her style! My favorite is Undertow….even though the title sounds ominous she captured the perspective of setting out toward the ocean so beautifully for me.

  35. Nina says:

    Oh I’d love to take part in this giveaway. I am charmed by Lovely. It would look great in my home!

  36. lois says:

    my home is the sea
    it’s so beautiful. the artist’s style really speaks to me.

  37. Hilary Alter says:

    I just LOVE her work! What a great giveaway!
    My favorite is “To Sea” , but it was hard to just choose one! A lot of the women she paints remind me of myself, so I would love any of them…

  38. Whitney says:

    So Much makes me feel full and happy!
    Love the images! Beautiful work.

  39. Meghan says:

    I’d love to win “Undertow.” Such beautiful work!

  40. katie says:

    Love the print with the product name: Undo . extra large giclee art print poster of original painting http://www.etsy.com/listing/127816509/undo-extra-large-giclee-art-print-poster?ref=shop_home_active. I pinned it to my “Happy Places” Pinterest board.

  41. Virginia says:

    The only thing missing from my Charleston, SC bedroom wall is the “So much” print. Love it so much!

  42. eden says:

    Lovely! I’d get “Sweet Dreams” for the bedroom.

  43. Andrianna says:

    “From the Garden” is absolutely lovely.

  44. Yvonne Cornell says:

    “November” for me and my man ;)

  45. Ali says:

    “so much” love it! @aliduarthall

  46. d says:

    Wow, love this artist’s work, thanks for sharing! My favorite (hard to choose) is ‘Flower Child’.

  47. Cara says:

    Sweet Dreams or Blue Black Room. All her prints are lovely!

  48. chelsea says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweet Dreams.

  49. Michelle says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Undertow and Happiness. I would be more than happy with either of those prints! Clare is an amazing painter!

  50. John Bloor says:

    One of my favourites is “From the Garden” but I have my eye on another eleven I would like to buy in the future!

  51. Rhiannon says:

    I love the “Lovely” portrait, it is indeed lovely! Thanks.

  52. Aimie says:

    I love Undo.

  53. Gala Pierce says:

    I love, love, LOVE “My Home is the Sea.” I posted it on Facebook and got a lot of likes!

  54. lauren says:

    I love her work. “So Much” please! @almostpineapple

  55. Erica says:

    Have loved her work and coveted so many pieces. Choose first or third image featured here — and love this http://www.etsy.com/listing/127595721/favorite-place-extra-large-giclee-poster?ref=shop_home_active as well. Twitter is @Erica615 and following you now, as well.

    Thank you for doing this!

  56. Deidre says:

    WOW! I would love to win one of these prints! I am always moved by Clare’s work, so intense, it really speaks to me. I have always been drawn to Watching Trees, it’s calming and beautiful/

  57. marné says:

    Oh, I love “So Much”! I am a huge fan of fresh flowers, and have been known to hug a bunch of lilacs in much the same way :)

  58. Anna says:

    I have been eying the Portrait in Yellow print for awhile now! Would love to win it :)

  59. allison schaffer says:

    Married to the Sea…been eyeing that one for awhile…Clare’s work is stunning!

  60. Theresa says:

    Watching Trees is so lovely!

  61. Deborah says:

    I lover her work so much that it is impossible to pick just one of her images as my favorite. Of the 16 x 20 prints some of the ones that I like the most are: “Pillow Land”, “From the Garden”, and “Undertow”.

  62. We love Claire’s work and already have two of her pieces!! I’d love to add “asleep” to our collection! Great giveaway!

  63. Virginia says:

    ooo I really like “from the garden”

  64. Marisol says:

    I love Clare’s paintings, we are etsy coleagues and I always include her work in my treasurys
    I would love any of them but If I have to say one:
    Flower child

    I made this treasury inspired by it yesterday : )

  65. Sarah says:

    I love Clare’s work and her piece Rose Queen would be perfect hanging my home! Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. Damon says:

    ‘Friendship’ for the win.

  67. Jamie says:

    I love To the Night. :)

  68. Jess Watson says:

    Head over heels! Really beautiful work.

  69. Lilly says:

    The Ring of Roses print is just beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. Amanda says:

    I love them all! But “Undo” is really speaking to me…so beautiful!

  71. JenM says:

    I’ve had “Bedtime” sitting in my Etsy cart for a couple weeks-perhaps I can wait a bit longer…

  72. Caren says:

    I adore Clare’s paintings! I have too many favourites, but right now I’m drawn to From The Garden: https://www.etsy.com/listing/128158382/from-the-garden-extra-large-giclee-art

  73. Sara says:

    Oooooh… I pinned “Married to the Sea” over a year ago. I think it’s still my favorite. All are very beautiful.

  74. Denton says:

    I’ve had an art crush on Clare for years. That she lives in Jenner just makes her art even more appealing…I grew up playing on the beach at Goat Rock and Salmon Creek. I would love to have “My Home is the Sea” because it reminds me of my beautiful wife’s red hair. Peace!

  75. Janel says:

    “Married to the Sea.” It’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s peaceful but mysterious at the same time.

  76. Iveth says:

    It’s so hard to just pick one of Clare’s gorgeous Paintings, but I think the Married to the Sea painting is my favorite!

  77. I would love to win the So Much print. What a wonderful shop!

  78. Caitlin says:

    Oh, gosh! It is so hard to pick just one. Absolutely stunning work. If I had to choose, it would be “NOVEMBER”. So romantic.

  79. katherine says:

    oh, i have loved her work forever. I adore Married to the Sea. It is just perfect!

  80. Oh, I love Clare’s work so much! Currently have several of her paintings in my “favorites” on etsy! It’s really a toss up, but I love “To the Night”, “Lost & Found”, “So Cozy”, “Capsized”, and “Undertow”. I absolutely adore her work!

  81. Robyn O. says:

    I would love either “Undertow” or “Asleep”, they are both gorgeous.

  82. I’ve been looking for a way to blend my love of nautical art with my love of floral art…Tastes Orangey prints like So Much and Grew Into look like the perfect mix! Not to mention, those colors would be swell with my decor =) Great giveaway!

  83. Danielle says:

    I’m such a fan! As an interior designer I refer all my clients to etsy artists like Claire and her husband Kai’s artwork.. They all fall in love with their pieces too, and a few of them are gracing the homes I design. I would love to add “undertow” to my personal home!

  84. Lindsay says:

    I’d LOVE to win the blue black room print. It would be perfect for right now. His hand is on her belly & I’m pregnant :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. Monica says:

    Love, Love Clare’s work and am very smitten with the “Undertow” right now.

  86. Xenia says:

    My favorite would have to be “November”. Clare’s work is amazing – thanks so much for the opportunity!

  87. Wendy Dooldeniya says:

    I’m in love with her work and dream about owning NOVEMBER frequently. As a matter of fact, I pinned in yesterday whilst thinking of my wedding anniversary. Thanks for the gracious giveaway!

  88. Cher says:

    I’ve been admiring her work for some time now. i’d love: married to the sea, swirl, or asleep… or to the night. I love them all.

  89. Tina says:

    I adore Loose Threads – her work is gorgeous!

  90. gretchen says:

    lovely lovely haunting
    married to the sea is the one i’d pick… cause i feel just like that, looking out into the dark water. :)

    not sad, just solitary.

    gakgakg – twitter

    i might just buy one anyway. Stunning!

  91. Sarah says:

    This is wonderful! Clare is one of my favorites. I’ve been eyeing “Undertow” for some time now!

  92. melanie mccallum says:

    thanks for the giveaway! “married to the sea” would be the one i’d choose.

  93. KC Michelle says:

    I love Testes Orangey – one of my favorite Etsy shops! So hard to pick one print but I think Sweet Dreams would be my pick…

    kcmichellew at gmail dot com

  94. Johanna says:

    I love “Undo”. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway, Victoria.

  95. Christina says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for introducing us to this beautiful shop. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I’ll go with “So much”

  96. Raquel says:

    The amazing thing about Clare is the subtle magic she can bring to a feeling of simplicity. I would love to get a print from her – for that, I picked the first paiting of hers I ever saw – November, sent to me by email from my boyfriend while I was travelling away. It gave me such a sense of peace. The world seems lighter with him, and in Clare’s paintings. Thank you so much.

  97. Cristina says:

    My favorite one is Happiness!!!

    Cristina, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

  98. Kaela Lopez says:

    I love Asleep and have been eying it for a while. Beautiful works.


  99. Jordan says:

    I love love the “grew into” piece…beautiful!

  100. marika says:

    such a great giveaway! yay! My favourite one is “so much”. Its perfect.

    Thank you!


    twitter: ohdeeryyc
    blog: http://www.oh-deer.org
    email: ohdeeryyc@live.com

  101. Jessica B says:

    I’m a huge fan! Have had my eye on Covered for awhile now.

  102. Romain says:

    There is a special place for Pillow Land in our home!

  103. Nina says:

    What a great new discovery, I love her work! I’m moving to Portland in a couple of weeks and “So much” would look absolutely stunning in our new home.

  104. Kelsey says:

    Love the whimsy and carefreeness of these prints! Would love to look up at Pillow Land from my own cozy bed. kelseymirando@gmail.com

  105. Ainsley says:

    Well this is an impossible question! I love “November” but “Long Legs” (and almost every other print!) would work so well in my apartment!

  106. Maira says:

    “So much” would look so great at my Brazilian home in Rio de Janeiro.

  107. Julia says:

    It was hard to choose they are all beautiful. I love the “island” seems very me ;)

  108. Nicole Semple says:

    ‘Arrangement’ is my favorite. I’m obsessed with Clare’s work.

  109. Esme says:

    I love “Flowet Child” the most — so lovely.



  110. This is lovely. So Much is probably my favorite.

  111. Denise says:

    “Quicksand” is my favorite by far, because the two people couldn’t look more like my boyfriend and me if we had sat for the painting! We’ve gone through some really hard times together and this print is so perfectly “us” that it’s almost scary.


  112. Giulia Doyle says:

    I love the ones with the sleeping couple and the ‘home is my sea’. Love her work.

  113. jody says:

    Been a fan of her work for quite a while…i love ’em all – but fav is november – the sleeping couple. lovely.

  114. Jo Neumann says:

    love me some “To the Night.” mm.

  115. Lauren G says:

    I like the favorite place print.

  116. Catherine says:

    I love To the Night

  117. Shona M says:

    Had to flip a coin between my two favourites – and ‘Grew Into’ won!

  118. Lee says:

    I love her work so much. Clare’s Etsy shop has long been a favorite of mine. “Undertow” is especially dreamy.

  119. Denise says:

    the boy alone, Blue. Wonderful work, thanks Victoria and Clare.

  120. Teresa says:

    All of your work is so lovely. I think “Lost and Found” may be my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway.

  121. Katie says:

    These are stunning! I love the print “three”. It would be perfect in my bedroom :)

  122. Anna says:

    What lovely artwork, I wish I could paint half as well! I think my favourite is ‘Sinister Tabby’, it really made me smile when I saw it as my cat likes to gives me a look very similar!

  123. I love Claire’s work! I’ve had her Married to the Sea print on my wishlist for quite some time.
    xx Allison

  124. Emily K. says:

    My favorite prints are “Asleep” or “November”. I would love to win this!

  125. Jessica says:

    I love the “Forest Shadows” painting!! Thank you for turning me on to Clare’s lovely work :) xo

  126. Laura Bear says:

    Oh I just love her work. A hard choice, but I would have to say Married to the Sea is my favorite. Northern River is really pretty too! :)
    twitter: @Laura_bear

  127. Rachel says:

    I love “So Much”!

  128. jane newman says:

    wow…”Undo”…the shoulders say it all…

  129. Sarah says:

    So much goodness! I already have Married to the Sea in my Etsy favorites, so I will have to go with that one.

  130. Corie says:

    “Watching Trees” is gorgeous

  131. wforbes says:

    I purchased artwork from Clare a few months ago(married to the sea). The prints was high quality and looks fantastic framed. I plan on purchasing more for my home and had my eye on (Lost and Found). I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  132. nicole i says:

    I adore “pillowland” and “lava rocks”

  133. Carolina says:

    I wanna win! love “Dark Seas”

  134. Molly says:

    “Watching Trees” is my new favorite. I purchased “Married to the Sea” last year and it is my favorite art in my house!

  135. Ulrike Gnamm says:

    Great!! I love LOVELY, because this picture for me is so mysterious – I can find various moods in that face. The other one is LOOSE THREADS, I like the colors and the beauty of that bunch of flowers.

  136. Courtney says:

    Love the “Married to the Sea”! They are all great!

  137. Shannon says:

    My favorite is “Sweet Dreams” — so sweet!

  138. antonia says:

    The ‘so much’ print is amazing, gorgeous, but I love them all <3

  139. Clair Cameron says:

    ‘From the Garden’ is my favourite print! <3

  140. Lucia says:

    I would love to own Married to the Sea. Thank you so much!

  141. Jamie Keskin says:

    I first fell in LOVE with “Happiness” it is so whimsical and feminine. The colors are so beautiful. I also love “Married to the Sea”. It is total opposite of my first choice. Calming, soothing and relaxing. I could sit and stare at this all day imagining what her day would be like, where she will go what she will do. It’s so simple yet can tell so many stories!

  142. jessica says:

    I love love love MARRIED TO THE SEA!

  143. Stella Tripp says:

    I would want ‘Portrait in Yellow’, although I loves all her works.

  144. Dana says:

    I have a copy of “Honeymoon” above my bed, so I would have to say that’s my favorite!

  145. Kelsey says:

    I love “Married to the Sea.” Even though it’s not the 16×20″ size, I’m also loving “Sinister Tabby!” :)

  146. Sofia says:

    I love so much of Clare’s work, but my favorite right now is “So Much,” so I would LOVE to add that one to my wall!

  147. Jen says:

    “Smug Fox” and “Quiet” are both amazing— I’d be thrilled with either one!

  148. Mandy says:

    My fave is married to the sea!

  149. I am such a fan of your ethereal work. You make flowers look like part of the person. Its surreal.

    My Favorite is The HoneyMoon Couple. Reminds me of my husband and I. Its wonderful <3

  150. Rachel says:

    I love “Loose Threads!” (On fox portrait and undo… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

  151. Anissa says:

    “Favorite Place” – I can feel the summer and smell the sea!

  152. Well, I’m a sucker for flowers, and although there were a lot of things I liked on the store I had to pick a floral treat (So Much . giclee art print of original painting).
    But all of the stuff on the store is absolutely divine.

    Please take a look at my blog (doodles and poetry) might lighten your mood – http://teaspoonofpolkadots.blogspot.com/

  153. lindsay says:

    From the 16×20 section I’d pick So Much or Ring of Roses. Her entire shop is so wonderful. Ace work.

  154. Melody says:

    Oh I am such a fan! Married to the Sea, is one that I do not own!

  155. Liz Woodbury says:

    I love them all. My favorite (today) is My Home is the Sea.

  156. Bethany K says:

    Clare’s work is amazing! I didn’t see my favorite on her site, maybe she doesn’t have it anymore? I think it was called puppy love, but it shows a little black lab puppy in some tall grass with a girl’s lower half, in an apron. So cute, has always reminded me of my black lab, Betty. Otherwise, my favorite is Undertow..

  157. Alison says:

    ‘Waves’ is my absolute favourite although I would be extremely happy to have any of these to look at every day.

  158. Aimee Kramer says:

    I love Sweet Dreams, Tastes Orangey is awesome, I have two of her prints and I just love them!

  159. Patty O'Rourke says:

    I love “August Bath” – hard to pick though, so many of them speak to me.

  160. Fiona says:

    I think “So much” is really mesmerizing

  161. Kate says:

    I can just see ‘Married to the Sea’ hanging in my bedroom. Such moody colors and I love the mystery of it!

  162. Ester says:

    I love “To the Night”. Love.

  163. Hannah says:

    I got my red hair chopped from elbow length to jaw length… mainly because of “Dark Seas” an image that I go back to time and time again. I blogged about this painting in November 2011 as one of my favourite things on Etsy… to own this would be perfect!

  164. I love “UNDO”. Love this shop – have been a fan for a while! Great give-away!

  165. Jennifer says:

    My Home is the Sea reminds me of one of my favorite record’s album art.

    love it.

  166. Stacy A says:

    I love “Undertow”, “Rosie” or “Watching Trees”. I wanted a stitched print a while ago, and you stopped making them;( I should have snapped it up before you got busy and married! Congratulations!!

  167. Colie says:

    Grew Into!!!

  168. Rebecca says:

    I have loved “Married to the Sea” for sooooo long.

  169. erin says:

    Clare’s work is so beautiful and serene! Too hard to narrow it down to just one… a few faves of mine are “A Heavy Sky”, “Waves” and “Married to the Sea.”

  170. Meredith says:

    I really love the “married to the sea” print! :)

  171. Jen says:

    I would love one of Clare’s prints for my bedroom. So peaceful. I think “Married to the Sea” is my favorite :)

  172. Stephanie says:

    Sinister Tabby! <3

  173. Kelly S. says:

    Love the “so much” print. What beautiful work!

  174. Sharon Allen says:

    I have loved ‘Married to the Sea’ for such a long time, not knowing who the artist is. I’m so glad to discover the artist and her etsy store. The colors and the textures are magnificent in the painting.

  175. laurel says:

    Oh wow, I loooove My home is the Sea! Perfectttt

  176. Lauren says:

    Oh, Married to the Sea is gorgeous!

  177. Heather Wilson says:

    I love the “November” print. Looks just like me and my hubby.

  178. Lucy says:

    They really all are so beautiful, just completely transport you. I think my favorite might be Waves!

  179. mariah says:

    Dress, so beautiful!

  180. coral says:

    undo. love it!

  181. Shreya says:

    I love, love LOVE Clare Elsaesser.
    Married to the Sea is one of my favorites!

  182. Gavin Brooks says:

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!! “Favorite Place” would be lovely.

  183. Jade Sheldon says:

    Adore ‘My Home is the Sea’

  184. Jean Campbell says:

    “Favorite Place” is quite stunning, thanks for doing such a kind thing, I hope whoever receives such prints enjoys them.

  185. Hope says:

    It’s hard to choose between November and Undress!

  186. Christine says:

    I really love “dark seas’

  187. Darlene Bronson says:

    I’m a lucky girl to have “Tiny Pony” and “Boat Shoes” grace my home. Every time i walk by them I feel, well, happiness… i’m madly in love with Clare’s work – so, along those lines, i would be crazy in love to own “Happiness” <3

  188. Lu says:

    Love So Much so much! And Island, too.

  189. Britt says:

    You really want me to pick just one?? I have loved her shop for as long as I can remember. All of the bedroom/pillow ones are my favorite. I love “Three” too much. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  190. Veronica says:

    I have been obsessing over “Married to the Sea” for literally weeks. Love, love, love! Thanks for having this fun giveaway! :)

  191. Lauren says:

    LOVE her work! Sweet Dreams is my favorite, but it’s such a touch choice! Thanks for the opportunity!

  192. Mary Frances says:

    I love Grew Into!

  193. Lindsay says:

    WHAAAAT!!?!? Best giveaway ever. I love her work and had pinned several pieces already, but hadn’t purchased yet because I just couldn’t decide which one to get. But today, being forced to pick one, my gut says “Undo.” That’s the one my eye goes to first every time. There are so many great ones. But it’s the one I keep thinking about most. So, that’s it — Undo!

    I never win these things. But I am crossing my fingers/toes/eyes for this one!

  194. Amanda says:

    I have been a fan of Clare’s work for a while, I would love to own a print of hers! My favorite is probably “Ring of Roses.”

  195. Annemarie says:

    So many lovely images, but the one that really speaks to me is “Forest Shadows”…

  196. Sarah J says:

    So beautiful! I love ‘Married to the Sea’

    fingers crossed!

  197. Kim says:

    I absolutely *love* “So Much” – http://www.etsy.com/listing/125065585/so-much-extra-large-giclee-poster-print?ref=shop_home_active
    What a fun giveaway! Thanks for making it. :) As always, love your blog and what you do. Thanks for being so inspiring!

  198. christina says:

    Flower Child :)

  199. Holly B says:

    I love pretty much everything in her shop, but if I have to pick, the “So Cozy” print is wonderful!

  200. Shannon Corey says:

    What a tough choice but Pillow Land is the one!

  201. Sharon M says:

    I love her work SO SO much. My choice would have to be either Asleep, or Cabana- I have the perfect little homes for them on my wall!!! ♥

  202. Sabrina says:

    I love all the “swimmer looking away from the viewer” prints. Choose one? Probably married to the sea.

  203. Sarah C. says:

    I love all her work, but I choose ‘So Cozy’ since it would look awesome in my bedroom :)

  204. Undertow is my favourite!!

  205. Kristin M. says:

    I simply adore the Ring of Roses print! So lovely.

  206. Jill says:

    I’ve loved Clare’s work for so long. Watching Trees is stunning.

  207. Meg says:

    I love “Happiness.” I’ve been a Tastes Orangey fan for awhile and would love to finally own a print. Thank you!

  208. I LOVE Clare’s painterly work and it is so soulful. Such luscious painting! TastesOrangey is a great name for her shop, because I could eat these all up.
    My favorite is ‘Undo’

  209. maria says:

    It’s a toss up between Undo, Married to the Sea and My Home is the Sea. I guess I like the sea.

  210. Isabelle says:

    What a great idea! I wish more people would do art giveaways! Hard to choose but I think my favorite is “Sweet Dreams.” I love the simplicity of it. Great stuff.

  211. Kim says:

    This was tricky to pick! But, ultimately, Pillow Land won me over. I love the softness and the serenity in this piece. It would be lovely in my bedroom or guest bedroom. Such beautiful work! Thanks for running this contest and introducing me to the beauty that is tastes orangey!

  212. Michelle B says:

    Wow. I really, really love Red Ribbon. Also, Undertow. Great stuff!!

  213. Kathy says:

    I really love Jump and Married to the sea. So beautiful!

  214. Grb says:

    Her paintings of sleepers have always been a favorite of mine. “November” for my bedroom please <3

  215. Laura says:

    I like everything Claire pianta but my fav now is Red Ribbon!!!

  216. Theresa says:

    Married to the Sea is my fave!


  217. Sheree says:

    ‘To the Night’ of course! It’s lovely.

  218. Nicky says:

    When I saw the painting ‘lovely’ it literally took my breath away. I love all the faceless images in your work, it brings a sense of mystery. However you are brilliant with faces, please do more! They are all marvelous, wonderful colours. Well done Clare.

  219. Katy says:

    I absolute love “Flower Child”, but all the prints are absolutely beautiful. I love the artists style and her use of light. Thank you for bringing her to my attention x

  220. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these; what a great discovery! I just adore the “So Much” print! x

  221. Karen says:

    I love all of Clares work. I’m especially drawn to the beautiful blue and green tones, which is why Pillow Land and Head Over Heels are my all time favourites.
    Lovely giveaway.
    Karen xx

  222. Hannah says:

    Spring Dress – I just love the colour! Her work is lovely :)

  223. Lindsay says:

    I broke into the biggest smile on seeing So Much! Memories of carefree hot days in Scotland, that were few and far between!

  224. elana says:


  225. marija says:

    I absolutely adore the “so much” prints – so lively and vivid!
    Would like to also take the chance to say that your blog is fantastic! I love your style and find myself sharing your blog posts with all my friends and relatives :)
    I never win anything, but hey, it never hurts to try ;) so yes, “so much” print would be amazing!
    im on twitter: @mpetrova007

  226. Cora Murphy says:

    These are all wonderful but I particularly covet ‘Sweet One’. I’ve just revamped my space and it would look amazing here. I’m on fb here: https://www.facebook.com/CoraMurphyArt
    Am v. sporadic on twitter but will try to follow along just to see who wins. Thanks and I’m sure whichever print is won will go to a grateful home. x

  227. Nicky says:

    Pillow Land is my favourite print. All of your images are beautiful, but Pillow Land leaped out at summing up how i feel right now. A little lost and overwhelmed with life trying to balance being a mum of two, job and me. Perhaps some time out in Pillow Land would restore the balance a little!

  228. Martina says:

    WAVES. I love it very much!
    Thank you

  229. Nicola says:

    Great art! I love ‘So Much’.

  230. Greg says:

    Lava Rocks is my favourite. I like that I will never know what she looks like, makes you imagine.

  231. Phyllis says:

    “Undo” is my favorite. Great work. Thanks for the introduction.

  232. trisha t. says:

    Definitely the ‘My Home is the Sea’ painting. It’s so aptly named! Also a great add to my new house/sea.

  233. Nancy says:

    Wow, these are absolutely beautiful and I’ve just spent far too long looking at them all. If i had to pick one it would be Favourite Place because it reminds me of my favourite place – in the sea in Devon, England. It brilliantly captures the movement and the shades of light and dark in the water. It makes me feel like I’m there with the sun glinting and the warm and cold currents that you move through as you wade in deeper ….. This actually sums up summer for me. I’d love to see the original acrylic.

  234. Mhairi Dupre says:

    Absolutely love “So Much”. I stopped here because I loved that image- then realised it was part of a competition! Awesome!

    Thank you :)

  235. Tania says:

    There’s so many that resonate with me but my absolute favorite is Pillow Land. Beautiful!


  236. Kimberly Fisher says:

    So gorgeous. I can only imagine how fantastic the originals would be! My favourite would be My Home is the Sea, as I’m currently living in Germany, far away from the sea in my original home of Australia, and the textures capture perfectly the feeling of floating at dusk in a calm sea.

  237. Carolyn Thompson says:

    <3 UNDO and all of Clare's work…pick me, pick me

  238. Grant says:

    I’ve had Married to the Sea on my to-do list for a while.

  239. Keryn says:

    Gorgeous prints! I love Married to the Sea – makes me think of midnight swims in the ocean baths.

  240. Lisa Bailey says:

    I love every one of these images but “Married to the Sea” is my favorite. So sweet.

  241. Becky Cressy says:

    Wow. I just found a new favorite artist! Thanks for posting. She manages to capture a feeling I very much relate to and love. The movements and moments are not commonly exemplified and made grand, but there’s such beauty in them. I’d have to say that the pieces I covet the most would be “red ribbon,” “so much,” and “girl in trees.”

  242. Liza Glick says:

    My favorite is “Calm”

  243. jennifer says:

    i love “married to the sea.” definitely hard to choose, though–thanks for the opportunity!

  244. Abbey Dragan says:

    Beautiful prints. My favorite is “Flower Child” because it reminds me of all the faceless women carrying fresh bouquets at our local outdoor market.

  245. Annette says:

    I love “Undertow” with a close second and third being “Happiness” and “Forest Shadows.” Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

  246. Pat Wheele says:

    Amazing work!
    I am a big fan of ‘Undo’.
    I also enjoy ‘Three’.
    What a fantastic artist.

  247. Irina Vaisman says:

    All the things you say are true,
    the things we cannot fix with glue,
    the things I did not think quite through
    but like my hair I will undo.
    Thank you for featuring Clare Elsaesser’s work. I’m glad to know about her.

  248. Kate says:

    What a great giveaway!
    I think “So Much” is lovely.

  249. Melissa says:

    Married to the Sea! I’ve been pining for that painting for months. I would be so grateful to win it!

  250. Jess says:

    Beautiful work. I love ‘August Bath’.

  251. Jessie says:

    I love “To the NIght.” There’s so much possibility in it.

  252. Kat says:

    We would LOVE the painting “Arrangement” – long time admirers of Tastes Orangey as the paintings are captivating and you always see something different, or a special unique touch, upon a closer look. We have a huge space on our stairwell leading from the kitchen to the living room that is begging for some art. Our kitchen colors are orange and teal so “Arrangement” would be the best addition to our happy home!

  253. Alexandra says:

    I am in love with “August Bath” and would love to decorate my new appartement with this beautiful picture.

  254. Lisa says:

    I love so much. Beautiful work, stunning.
    Thank you for introducing her work to me. ❤️

  255. Elisha says:

    I really really love the So Much painting. I’m defintiely going to buy one of her prints!

  256. pam says:

    I love My Home is the Sea. After a recent move from a California beach town to the middle of Texas, I am dreaming that this is me :)

  257. Stephanie says:

    too many to choose but at this moment NOVEMBER. becuase it would look great in my bedroom

  258. “So Much” – although they are all very very beautiful! I hope I win : )

  259. Hanne says:

    My absolute favorite is “So Much”

  260. WOW. I really like the “Dress” print — of a wedding gown, with the giant white and grey brush strokes. Then, I like “Married to the Sea,” “Rose Queen,” “Loose Threads,” AND “Overgrown.” Scratch all of that, the print of “Overgrown,” with the bright yellow background is my absolute favorite. What talent! Thank you for sharing. :)

  261. Elke says:

    The whole series of women with their faces obscured by flowers is heinously beautiful, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be Grew Into.

  262. Nancy says:

    Love her florals, especially the yellow & navy vase.

  263. OMG!!! This is amazing I LOVE “married with the sea” and “lovely” it will be awesome to win!

  264. casey says:

    so great.

    must. have. pillow land.
    (also needed bird in hand…but went ahead and bought that one.)

    twitter = kcmooney

  265. Olivia Leitch says:

    I am obsessed with Grew Into

    I love all her large works and I think the tagline “tastes orangey” is so creative and connotes so much happiness.

    twitter = @OliviaCLeitch

  266. Einata says:

    Wonderful pictures! Sweet dreams is my favorite :-)


  267. Kristin says:

    I absolutely adore Clare’s work!! Cabana is my favorite right now.

  268. alysia says:

    all of the work is stunning. how to pick a favorite? must say “navy and yellow.”

  269. Kate says:

    Completely torn between “married to the sea” and “so much”

  270. scott says:

    love “flower child”

  271. allison h. says:

    i love “dark seas”! she is so talented!

  272. Nichole says:

    Absolutely love her style. Really love “Married to the Sea” and also “Lovely”. Just beautiful.

    Fingers crossed!!!

  273. Teresa says:

    I love all her work, but think Dark Seas would be my pick. What a great artist :)

  274. Michaela says:

    OOoohh. I love So Much. Those colors!

  275. Andy says:

    “My Love” – I check the shop regularly to make sure it’s still there. If I can’t win it, eventually I’ll manage to make the purchase.

  276. Jill says:

    I am really drawn to “Lovely” — just want to keep looking at the painting and thinking about it!

  277. La Lengua says:

    The Small Yucca print reminds me of the desert and thus makes me happy.

  278. Sandra says:


  279. Kate says:

    I love her works with water, and it’s so hard to choose, but I’d pick “My home is the Sea” because it speaks to me. “Capsized” “Married to the Sea” and “Undertow” are more of my watery favorites. And “So Much” is So Pretty!

  280. Laura says:

    This is literally the best give-away EVER – Clare Elsaesser’s work is just beautiful, so hard to pick just one fave. Think I’ll go for ‘Undo’ – so beautiful. Thank you, Laura @highstreethome

  281. Ashley Groenwold says:

    Wow, they are all so beautiful! I have been eyeing “So Much”. It reminds me of how I love flowers “so much”! I feel happy every time I glance at it. Love them all!

  282. Michelle says:

    Too many amazing ones to choose from! But I LOVE “So Much” so much!!!!

  283. Laren says:

    Thanks for offering a giveaway…I feel lucky! My pick, Navy & Yellow…it’s preppy & poppy!

  284. Julia says:

    I love November! So peaceful yet dark and moody.

  285. Sabrina says:

    I think “Overgrown” is quite striking and could see it in my living room.

  286. Angela says:

    I am drawn to so many, but essentially I would pick Favourite Place, mostly because I live by a small beach in New Zealand and swim every day. I have a knot of curly hair that when wet becomes a birds nest and this picture is how I imagine beachgoers see me as I get in the water each day.

  287. Karen says:

    sinister tabby is my favorite though there are lots of others up there too. it reminds me of my own kitty

  288. Kim says:

    I have never seen Clare’s work before, I think it is lovely! I think ‘Married to the Sea’ is stunning, I can totally imagine it over my couch!

  289. adriana says:

    I love all of Tastes Orangey’s work, but I would pick out “So Much”. Thanks! My twitter handle is msbibliotecaria

  290. Michelle M. says:

    Amazing work, love them all! Eyeing Undo, Cabana, and Undertow. The blues and greys are so dreamy and the different emotions in each is just beautiful. ME ME ME!!!!

  291. Yol says:

    I love her work. And I love Portrait in Yellow

  292. Jade says:

    I adore her work titled Undertow, so beautiful!

    My email is jade_garcia24(at)hotmail.com

  293. Megan says:

    Beautiful imagery… my favorite is To the Night, wonderful composition – a powerful and elegant piece of work!

  294. Karen Briggs says:

    Cabana! Love, love it.

  295. AVIVA DOWNING says:


  296. syahniza says:

    So many beautiful prints! My choice of print is “So Much”- love it!

  297. Jenna says:

    I absolutely love the way Clare captures feminine beauty and innocence, it was nearly impossible to pick one favorite…sooo I pick UNDO. Stunning!

  298. Christin says:

    I love “three”! It just makes me happy!

  299. kate says:

    Beautiful work! “Undo” is my favorite.

  300. Jen says:

    I can’t decide between So Much and To The Clouds.


  301. carol says:

    there are so many lovely prints here … i’m really drawn to “married to the sea”

  302. Nadine says:

    Thank you for this giveaway. Must say Sinister Taby so spoke to me.

  303. Cari says:

    I would be delighted with Northern River or My Home Is the Sea. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and poetic work!

  304. Leah says:

    I would love to put “so much” on my wall! thanks!

  305. Sam says:

    Married to the Sea! Following her work is wonderful, she has the best style

  306. Cait says:

    It would be a very tough call… I have a smaller print of My Home is the Sea and I adore it. I think maybe Untertow would be a good complement to it…

  307. Elly says:

    I just adore ‘So Much’. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

  308. Betsy says:

    I love married to the sea and happiness.

  309. Bianca says:

    What a talent Clare is!
    So much. It has to be So Much. That beautiful piece really resonates with me.

  310. Rachel says:

    Flower Child has to be my favourite, such peaceful pieces.

  311. Georgia says:

    I’ve already have CALM om my favorites etsy list!!! Beautiful work!


  312. Kendra says:

    been a fan of hers for a long time! i would pick dark seas!

  313. Eve says:

    I really love the “sweet one” or “so much.” Thank you!

  314. i have wanted married to the sea forever!! xxoo

  315. Maren says:

    Love “Sweet Dreams” — very romantic.

  316. beachmama says:

    Hi Victoria! So fun to know you’re just up the road (I’m in Bodega Bay). We are blessed to have so many creatives here in our little coastal enclave. Your art is wonderful and I will happily share your generous offer. I will not participate as I know there are many out there who truly could not afford to buy original art and your offering would be such a gift to that someone. So bless your heart . . . hope to meet you someday.

  317. ale norris says:

    the prints are all absolutely gorgeous – my favorite one, though, is “married to the sea”. thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  318. Michele says:

    How does one choose? They are all so beautiful. Thanks for bringing this lovely artist to my attention. If I have to choose one, it would be HAPPINESS. Thanks Victoria.

  319. Claire Anne says:

    My favorite is: “Married to the Sea”. So beautiful!

  320. Lindsay says:

    Grew Into is my absolute favourite:)

  321. I’d love to own any one of her pieces but I think “Arrangement” would look mighty fine in my bedroom. Just lovely.

  322. Diana says:

    Oh I do love BIRD IN HAND. Thank you.

  323. Megan says:

    Undo. LOVE all her stuff!

  324. Mary Ann says:

    I have a couple of her prints already, and have wanted to add “To the Night” to my collection!

  325. Kerry says:

    I just love Dark Seas. You can never go wrong with black and white stripes!

  326. Rebecca says:

    I have always loved November. My husband and I need art for our bedroom and I plan to do a gallery wall -of sorts- on a wall in our room, based around this one. Sigh!

  327. Patti says:

    Oh I love Clare’s work! I would love to own My Home is the Sea, which is what introduced me to her work in the first place. :)

  328. Gina c. says:

    I look at her shop every time I go on etsy! “Three” is one of my favorites.

  329. Melody says:

    I love “Navy and Yellow” – lovely


  330. Lily says:

    Ooh, I’ve been a big fan of Clare’s since I joined Etsy and absolutely looove her work! Her “Married to the Sea” print has been a longtime favourite :) Fabulous contest, Victoria!

  331. Stina says:

    I’ve loved Clare’s work for so long! Her paintings are so beautiful. My top picks would have to be Undertow, To the Night, Asleep. My favourite title is Married to the Sea – THE BEST!! <3 I love that painting too. I wouldn't even know how to chose. Clare could chose for me from those 4 :)

  332. Dena says:

    I’ve loved Married to the Sea for a long time – such a beautiful piece.

  333. Alexa says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! :) Her paintings are so beautiful; I really like the sea/water prints, especially the Summer Girl painting. <3

  334. nicki clark says:

    I love love “summer girl” or “ladybug”
    – @msnickiclark

  335. anke says:

    I love “bird in hand”, such a strong, quirky picture…

  336. Mirela says:

    Great art!!! I love the “Dark Seas” print!!!

  337. Jaime says:

    I love the Navy and Yellow one!

  338. Tanja says:

    All of Clare’s prints are amazing! I already own Asleep, which my Mum always admires when she visits, so I’d love to win her the 16×20 Asleep print.

  339. MF Miller says:

    I love “So Much” oh so much!

  340. HollyT says:

    I love Clare’s work; I have to say My Home is the Sea is my favorite, so beautifully moody!

  341. Alice says:

    I love love LOVE ‘Capsized’…oh I’d love to win!

  342. Christine says:

    I really like “bird in hand” and “lava rocks”!

  343. Marlo says:

    I’m loving “Ring of Roses!” Beautiful work.

  344. Meghan says:

    I love all of her prints but I think my favorite is “Ring of Roses”. Thanks for the giveaway!

  345. Anna says:

    I love “Undo” but they are all so beautiful.

  346. I love “To The Clouds.” It’s me during the first minutes of starting a yoga class — just hanging like a rag doll. It’s such a moment of joy and peace…and to know I have a whole hour to myself on a rectangular mat no one but me can step on is a wonderful feeling! xo, Ulrica.

  347. Louisa says:

    i love rose queen. beautfiul work!

  348. stephieZ says:

    “Undertow” is gorgeous with lovely colors. It would look amazing in my newly remodeled bathroom:)

  349. Diane says:

    Oh my. This is the first I have seen of her artwork and am completely smitten by it. It makes me smile.

  350. I adore her work, and have coveted Married to the Sea for quite a while. What a gorgeous giveaway! ♥

  351. Missy says:

    I would love to put “Flower Child” on my wall! I love the textures and the colors! Oh my!

  352. Melissa says:

    “From The Garden” is graceful.
    Currently, my favorite~

  353. I love November. So sweet!!

  354. jenny says:

    i love the yellow and navy for my kitchen too perfect

  355. Astrid Reed says:

    I’m delighted to discover Clare’s work on my birthday! I love “Favorite Place” because it looks like my dear friend Lisa who is always in the sea.

  356. Paulina Villegas says:

    All the prints are beautiful!!! I specially love the one called “So much”

  357. Malia says:

    Hi I really love The Catch these prints are gorgeous!

  358. ali says:

    So many nice paintings but “So Much” strikes a chord with me. It’s like she wants to breathe in those flowers, she loves them so much. On good days, I feel that way about my kids. :)

  359. Sarah says:

    I already have several of her smaller works but I would love to add Dark Seas or Sweet Dreams to my collection. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!


  360. Heather says:

    I love Married to the Sea.

  361. Dani says:

    I would love “So Much.” Yay!

  362. Annik says:

    i love “married to the sea”, both the artwork and the story that goes with it.

  363. victoria says:

    “happiness” is so beautiful! great giveaway!

  364. Heather says:

    I think I would pick “happiness,” but they’re all so good I feel like I would change my mind depending on my mood.

  365. Miriam says:


  366. carlotta says:

    “Asleep”: tonight I am alone in my big bed with sad memories occupying my head and my heart, but as I look at this beautiful and delicate painting I can feel the presence of my faraway husband next to me draining my pain away.

  367. Angela says:

    All so lovely but my favorite, “Red Ribbons”, reminds me of my daughters.

  368. Lauren says:

    Oh my. Totally new to her work…and after looking through her shop twice over I’m totally smitten with nearly every piece of it. How to choose?!

    Head over heels.
    To the clouds.
    To the night.
    Dark seas.

    Okay, okay. To the clouds it is!


  369. Marae says:

    these are just beautiful. i love so many of them, but i think happiness is my favorite.

  370. catherine says:

    oh… happiness is just lovely. i would love to have that in my bedroom – so joyous without being too busy.

  371. rosie says:

    These are beautiful. I narrowed it down to ‘so much’ or ‘ the catch’ both make my heart happy:)

  372. Guta says:

    just loved everything!!! but my favorite would be “married to the sea”.
    I think an apartment in Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place for it to be hanging!!!!!!!!

  373. Mechele says:

    I would like to have “Happiness”. it is such a lovely painting that would give a boost for my mood. Currently having a drastic changing in my life which really make me down. That’s why I think “Happiness” really lift up my mood with its lovely color. I really admire your work by the way. Stay creative. Love.

  374. Amanda A says:

    November just kicks up all my feels. Feels like home.

  375. Francoise says:

    Wow so munch to choose from , she is talented. I love the Rose queen ,Asleep and Bird in Hand .
    These painting just make you feel so calm …

  376. Wow, such amazing talent, thank you for introducing me to her art. I’ve been looking for something that would look great in my living room and I think I know where to go for it! I’m having trouble choosing between Watching Trees, So Much and Fall, they’re all just so ethereally beautiful – I may have to save up for a big splurge!

  377. CC says:

    Undo brought me in…. but there is so much romance and pure emotion in all her work. Thank you for sharing this artist with me, I’m smitten.

  378. Paulina Swierczek says:

    I love, love, love her work. Thank you (and honestlywtf) for introducing!

    I love Flower Child, So Much, Married to the Sea, Ring of Roses… her work is INCREDIBLE!


  379. Samantha says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!! I don’t know how to choose . . . I guess I’ll say Fox Portrait! (Or from the Garden!! )

  380. heather says:

    Ok, I can’t pick just one because I just love this artist. But, my favourites are ‘swirl’, ‘married to the sea’ and ‘undo’
    heather heathercameron@shaw.ca

  381. I love them all, but I think my favorite is Sweet Dreams!


  382. Emily says:

    I love “so much”. It’s so beautiful and romantic.
    Twitter – @emilyborey

  383. julie farrell says:

    Fantastic! Beautiful pieces. I love the feeling of “Married to the Sea” it makes me homesick for Florida where I grew up (am now in Chicago). I also really like “Overgrown,” “Lovely,” and “Waves.”
    Btw, I love your blog!

  384. Cecilia says:

    I love them all – how hard to choose just one! I’ve been a big fan of Clares work for years now and have always dreamed of having one of her pieces! My favourite at the moment would be “Flower Child”
    twitter @cejocro

  385. aga says:

    Oh wow this must be the best giveaway ever!! and I like the small yuca painting/print!!

  386. Julie says:

    I love the Potrait in Yellow, fingers crossed:) xx

  387. amanda says:

    I love the “Married to the Sea” print. Gorgeous!

  388. Andrea Michelsen says:

    I adore “Dark Seas”–the contrast of the girl’s hair and her striped bathing suit against the dark background–beautiful!!

  389. Allison says:

    definitely undo.

  390. My favorite lately is “married to the sea” http://www.etsy.com/listing/83383628/married-to-the-sea-large-giclee-digital

  391. I love “so much”….and i love it really so much….this is summer and spring at the same time to me…..

  392. Tammi Salas says:

    Clare’s work is beautiful and I’m especially drawn to her new work since she moved to Jenner. Any of those prints would delight me , but “Grew Into” is topping the list.

  393. Ashley says:

    I love them all, especially “So Much”

  394. Maryann says:

    I love that her work reminds me of my daughter Hanna, 17, beautiful, lanky, and a river girl. We live in Petaluma and I know she would cherish one of Clare’s beautiful prints. I would choose Happiness it’s just lovely.

  395. Cole says:

    I love her work and while Married to the Sea was my favorite for a long time, I have to go with Northern River. I have a collection prints and paintings of brunettes and that would fit right in.

  396. Elsa says:

    Well, i loved them all!! But the one called “Head over Heels” reminds me some of my strange dreams… floating and flying..

  397. Tara says:

    I love Married to the Sea and Asleep. Added to my Pinterest board in case I don’t win…

  398. Allison says:

    I am a big fan of “So Much.” The colors are wonderful!

  399. Hana Kujawa says:

    I love “To The Clouds”!

    I have been a fan of her work on etsy for a long time, but as an art student too poor to buy anything yet…though I think it’s about time!

    I love her work. So beautiful!

  400. Linda Huang says:

    my favorite is “married to the sea.”

  401. Rebecca says:

    Oh I love so many of them! Particularly, the My home is the sea, or Married to the sea.

  402. Beth Kaszynski says:

    I really love “So Much” so much. I’m basically in love will all of them though. This painting would make the end of my grad school semester so much better!

  403. Allison says:

    I’d LOVE Undertow for our bedroom. It feels so dreamlike; how we enter sleep and are pulled under, into dreams.

  404. Sadie says:

    I feel like she understands me. So Much and Pillow Land are perfection. Thanks for this contest!
    *crossing parts*

  405. Ann says:

    I’ve had this easy shop bookmarked for some time and visit often. My favorite is “Pillowland” followed by “From the Garden”.

  406. Cassidy says:

    I just bought “Grew Into” and “The Catch” would look beautiful beside it!

  407. Ana says:

    I love Clare’s painting style. Lovely 16″ x 20″ is my favourite. It has a wistful and romantic feel with a bit of a vintage vibe. So, so lovely.

  408. Sole says:

    Quedé enamorada de sus pinturas desde el primer día que las vi, simplemente siento que describe pequeños momentos de mis días. Amaría tener una copia de “giclee” en mis paredes.
    I was in love with his paintings from the first day i saw them, i just feel that describes small moments of my life. i would love to have a copy of “giclee” on my walls.

  409. Missy says:

    thanks for introducing me to this artist. lovely work. i’d love a copy of “tiny pony”

  410. Lynn says:

    So much love for “So Much” …. love the airy hues. Thank you Clare for your beautiful work!

  411. Beth says:

    Sweet Dreams reminds me how my husband and I often don’t want to face the world in the morning, but at least we don’t want to face it together. And Clare, you rock…I’ve purchased from tastesorangey before! Meck -a- leck -a- hi – meck -a- hiney -ho!

  412. Jamie says:

    I love the print “So Much” It’s absolutely stunning!!

  413. Caio Amorim says:

    Swirl is my favorite

  414. heather says:

    This is so hard! I have loved her etsy store for so long- I go back and visit all the time. I seriously want all of them but I think my top favorites are “my home is the sea”, “summer girl” and “asleep”. my mom says i need “asleep” so i can attract a man to my house (ie feng shui). lol.

  415. Vanessa says:

    I love Watching Trees! Thanks!

  416. Yvonne says:

    Oh! I absolutely adore Clare’s work, I have two small sewn prints which I bought about two years ago and would love a big print for our bedroom. Her flower paintings are wonderful, ‘So much’ is one of my favorites, would love a chance at that one… Thank you!
    Regards, Yvonne.

  417. Janessa says:

    Married to the sea is my favorite!

  418. brandi marie says:

    So hard to choose, but I really like the print titled “So Much”. Great giveaway!

  419. Cristina Ferreira says:

    Just love married to the sea…

  420. Pedro Pinto says:

    I really feel that “Married to the Sea” is the most impressive work!

  421. Ariel says:

    I love the “Watching Trees” print. My email is awscarlet (at) aol (dot) com.

  422. mary says:

    Married to the Sea – it is peaceful and stormy at the same time.

  423. Anush says:

    Beautiful and emotive work. Thank you for creating it.

    My pick if pressed would be ‘Overgrown’.


  424. Alexis says:

    Oh. ‘Dress.’ For sure. Silk clouds!

  425. Marla says:

    “Married to the Sea,” definitely. :)

  426. Laura says:

    Waw, beautiful colors! I love “so much”.

  427. Linda says:

    I am absolutely in love with her work, “so much” is my favorite!

  428. Diane says:

    Such a wonderful contest! I love her work, and I would especially like to own “So Much.”