i found this room, which happens to be an ad for that lovely bench in an online shop from the netherlands. nice, right? but you know what would look really great with that lovely bench? yep. art!


i love how quiet, and textural this space is, and so i’m adding a bit of nature to compliment what is already there:


whoa. crocheted leaves by cornwall based artist susanna bauer. how insane are these?! i would put them in three protective shadow boxes to make sure that nothing ever happened to their delicate perfectness! sigh. oh, and you know what else is perfect? these:


i think these ceramic plates also fit the earthy feeling of this room. these pieces are by bruce wayland and marcello de simone, also known as little owl design. they are based in amsterdam where they spend their days applying portraits, landscapes, marine scenes, and florals to groupings of vintage plates that i (and you!) can hang on the wall. so, so gorgeous.

and finally, what would a nature-ish room be without some wood:


oh, aaron moran. i have loved his work for ages, which is usually sculptural wood tee-pee type things that sit on your coffee table etc. this is some of his latest work though, and it can be hung on the wall – like that wall right above that lovely bench that’s for sale. how there can be so much perfection in scraps of wood and old paint, i’ll never know.

well, there you have it. now, who wants to have a nap on that quiet couch? me too! see you in two weeks ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)


  1. sue says:

    not only do i love all of these options, i actually own the plates with the “fisherman under the palm trees” by little owl design! :)

  2. Rose says:

    I’m seriously attracted to the “found wood” option. I feel like it flows so well with the rest of the room! The plates could be an interesting and unexpected touch, though.

    Blonde in this City

  3. Uh, those leaves are seriously incredible!


  4. Marjory says:

    Wow, the leaves please! Seriously stunning. Deliriously organic!

  5. I love the Found Wood art. It’s simple and beautiful!

  6. I just love the plates and the “found wood”. Those are a great piece of work! The sculptural wood can be beautifully put together with Bondera. I’m definitely trying that in the near future.

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