black & white paris abode.


the june issue of elle decoration UK is stellar. I probably could have shared the whole dang magazine with you, but i want you to go out and hunt down a copy for yourselves, because it’s a keeper. the kind of issue you want to curl up on a lazy day and savor. sit in the tub and get the pages slightly wet whilst you covet every home beneath its shiny cover. oh, and even the cover’s really pretty. i especially loved this paris abode and all it’s divine black & white. sleek and mid-century modern, but cozy too. looks like it has some really interesting nooks to it, and they’ve played them up well decorating each and very corner. and those lovely tall windows and all that paris light – oh la la!






• all photography by morten holtum for elle decoration UK.

7 Responses to “black & white paris abode.”
  1. Sally says:

    oooh thanks for the recommendation, i’ll have to get a copy! this apartment is so super gorgeous, especially love that bedroom, and those floors – wow!

  2. Lisette says:

    Oooh how gorgeous! I have a subscription to ELLE Decoration UK, but haven’t received this issue yet. I think I’m going to set up camp by my letterbox until it arrives… ;)

  3. such a pretty cover! and this home in paris is perfect…..i would love those huge windows!

  4. so gorgeous. i seriously just die over the architecture in parisian homes. the ceilings, the molding, the windows…{le sigh}.

  5. Jade Sheldon says:

    I adore color… but black and white always draws me in somehow…

  6. Marjory says:

    Black and white is done so well here with natural materials and beautiful accent colors. Lovely spaciousness, lots of character and details in this dwelling. The French do know how to live well… their homes are so..soulful..ahhhhhhhh :)

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