good reads: things i love.


In her book Things I Love, Australian interiors stylist extraordinaire Megan Morton inspires us by example, sharing her infectious enthusiasm for the houses, people and design she loves. But Things I Love is also full of wonderfully practical tips –- from how to fold those pesky fitted sheets (gah!), to how to clean a vintage painting you’ve picked up at a flea market. It also contains postcards, a stylists’ glossary and even a list of the ‘best movies for house-perving’ (like the royal tenenbaums), as well as a ton of awe-inspiring homes, and cool, creative people. Quirky, witty and irreverent, Things I Love will put you in touch with the things you love and teach you how to make sure they fill your home in your own unique way. love this book!











7 Responses to “good reads: things i love.”
  1. Aah…this looks so good! I’m pretty new to your blog and am really loving your reading suggestions. Thanks, Victoria ;)

  2. what a fantastic design! love the layout.

  3. Vicki Archer says:

    What a great book, such useful ideas! I think I will have to get myself a copy!…xv

  4. Yum – I want to crawl into those photos and make myself at home.

  5. Tania Welch says:

    My mouth began salivating and my heart palpitating at these photos. One more book to add to my every growing mountain of design books. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. emily says:

    Such a gorgeous book indeed it is.
    It just won ‘best designed book’ last night at the Australian Design Awards too – a worthy winner!

  7. Katie says:

    So wonderful!
    For anyone wishing to purchase this book online, head to

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