splish splash i was taking a bath.


seth smoot.

there’s not too much i like better than a long, hot bath before bed. i have trouble turning my mind off at night and baths always calm me. i love a clean, white bathroom with touches of black, gray and shiny chrome fixtures. ‘simple’ is my bathroom style, i guess you’d say — white subway tiles, vintage mirrors, and maybe some industrial-looking light fixtures. mind you, i love an ornate clawfoot tub thrown into a fresh, modern mix. here’s a few bathrooms i could find solace in after a long day’s work. ready? you get the bubbles, i’ll draw the bath.


my scandinavian home; RIFLE PAPER CO. COMB & BOBBY PIN PRINTS; and Gridley & Graves.


donkey and the carrot.


tongue in cheek; the white house, australia.


martha stewart.


the design files.


the shoot factory; and darling be daring.


creative homebody.


Läderfabriken project, via yellowtrace.


film locations, foster house.



7 Responses to “splish splash i was taking a bath.”
  1. Monica says:

    moving in to one of those gorgeous bathrooms and not moving out…all so serene

  2. Jay says:

    The bathroom is always a space I am working on, working to make it the most relaxing place in my home. Plus with bathrooms normally being quite small they are really easy to do a 360 on, changing a curtain, or adding different art really makes a huge difference.

  3. Laura says:

    wow, i don’t even like taking baths (i always feel weirdly dirty hanging out in water filled with my own grime-am i insane?), but these make me swoon! love them all!

  4. The bathroom is my favorite space in the home! Spacious, airy, bright, minimal and yet expressive. I love the bathrooms you feature here and like you, I love a bath to relax and tune in. Bathroom lovers, you might enjoy my free PDF on the bathroom as sacred space when you subscribe to my site. Enjoy!

  5. Alecia says:

    Yes Victoria to loving baths as much as I do. It is the one thing that can make my over active brain to calm down and actually relax. Beautiful bathrooms that I could definitely live with everyday.

  6. Misred says:

    Everything about this home is spot on! Love the way they did the separate sinks in the bathroom and the coach is to die for!

  7. These bathrooms would be perfect in my dream house! I really need to start taking long relaxing baths again…for some reason I get bored after 5 minutes. Any tips on how to relax and enjoy a long bath?

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