a mammoth giveaway.


oh hey! who needs some art for their walls? everyone, right? my lovely friends over at mammoth & company are giving away some emily barletta art prints. three prints to be exact. we’ll be giving away three 8 x 10 emily barletta prints to one happy winner.



to enter to win all three emily barletta prints, simply:

• hop on over to mammoth & company’s facebook page and “like” their page to enter to win.

• comment below letting us know you’ve liked their facebook page by friday, july 19th.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• we’ll announce a winner on my twitter account and on mammoth & company’s facebook page the week of july 22nd, so be sure and follow us.


70 Responses to “a mammoth giveaway.”
  1. Makenzie says:

    Liked them on FB. LOVE the prints.

  2. Liked on FB. Can be reached at @iamthelab on Twitter. Thanks!

  3. Jeni says:

    Liked Them on Facebook. My twitter handle is @truenorthpost. Thanks!

  4. Alicia Diane says:

    Liked their page on fbook! These would be great in my new apartment!!! <3

  5. Liked (and loved!)

  6. Becca R says:

    Liked on facebook! Amazing prints!

  7. Just liked their page! I hope I win :)

  8. Shauna Nicholson says:

    Liked them on facebook! sh_nicholson@hotmail.com

  9. Jamie says:

    Liked them on FB!

  10. Hilary A. says:

    I love these prints! Gorgeous…
    I have ‘liked’ them on Facebook and fingers crossed that I win!

  11. allie bashuk says:

    of course i liked it. i adore mammoth & co.

  12. KelseeL@gmail.com says:

    Liked Mammoth & Co.
    Lovely work!
    KelseeL (at) gmail.com

  13. jon says:

    liked on facebook. love the stuff. thanks!

  14. Of course I like Mammoth & Co. on facebook!

  15. aggie says:

    I do like Mammoth & Co on FB!

  16. Sarah says:

    Liked the page! And LOVE the prints. @sarahblahnik on Twitter

  17. Allie K says:

    Liked. Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing! @meowitsallie

  18. Allison says:

    Liked them on FB. So cute!!

  19. Britt says:

    Liked (<3'd) M&Co. on FB… Day dreaming about these prints in my room is getting me through this work Friday!

  20. Vanessa says:

    Liked! Gorgeous :) Thanks for the opportunity

  21. Shanna says:

    I’m a new Facebook fan!

  22. Alicyn R. says:

    LIKED!! <3

  23. Jessica says:

    I like them! I like them! I like them on Facebook! These are gorgeous! xo

  24. Ann says:

    Love these prints! I’m a FB fan and can be emailed at liuxann at gmail dot com! Hope I win!

  25. Sophie says:

    liked :)

  26. emerson says:

    I liked them :) & you can reach me on twitter @emersongaglardi

  27. Emily K. says:

    I liked them on fb! Thanks for the fab giveaway :)

  28. Yen says:

    I liked their FB page!
    hehe thanks

  29. kristin says:

    Love the abstract prints …


  30. Emily says:

    Liked on fb…Squeee loved all the prints!

  31. Julie Gong says:

    Liked! And love the prints. Would be swell to have the on my walls!

  32. Jen K says:

    I liked them on FB. I also like them in real life.

  33. Tamara says:

    Liked the prints on Facebook. Thanks!!

  34. Holly B says:

    I liked on Facebook, and I adore the prints!

  35. Bethany Aldecoa says:

    Liked – beautiful prints!


  36. Sarah says:

    liked their fb page! love untitled 33&34!

  37. Dara says:

    Love. Thanks.

  38. Rachael says:

    Just discovered this artist, love all the prints! Thanks for this amazing giveaway. :)

  39. Alyssa says:

    I absolutely adore these prints. The use of color is amazing! It seems to be alive with color!
    I have officially “liked” the page, only because “absolutely adore” is not an option yet. Silly Facebook.

  40. Lindsay says:


  41. Liz C says:

    Liked! Wish there was a ‘Love’!!
    Thanks for the opportunity and for making the day more beautiful!

  42. Elisabeth Lyons says:

    liked them on facebook. Love the art. Twitter- @elisabethray

  43. Jess says:

    Beautiful work and Liked!

  44. Katie says:

    Liked on facebook, I love those prints!

    @tenantchic or tenantchic.blogspot.co.uk


  45. Alexandra says:

    Mammoth gallery is what’s up. Liked the facebook page!

    @OWLXwhite – twitter

  46. Susie says:

    Liked! Love her work.

  47. Dale says:

    I liked them on facebook and would loooove to win a print!

    Twitter handle is @dalesfriedpies

  48. Meg says:

    I “liked’ them! What beautiful, colorful prints. Thanks!

  49. sahar says:

    liked the page! thank you! @peonychampagne

  50. Kailyn says:

    I’ve liked on Facebook! The prints are so beautiful! Twitter handle is @KailyB52.

  51. Melissa says:

    Liked on Facebook, love in real life. Long live Mammoth!
    Twitter @shessomelicious

  52. Nicole says:

    Liked! Oh my gosh these are cute!

  53. Lucia says:

    Liked! And would LOVE these in my little house! Fingers crossed! XO!

  54. Alexis says:

    I liked them on FB! The art is adorable! Twitter: @sugrcoatedvegan :) I hope I win!

  55. Alex says:

    I liked their page on FB!

  56. Ainsley says:

    Their stuff is wonderful! Totally liked their FB page :)

  57. Tess says:

    Liked them on Facebook – such lovely prints. You can find me on Twitter at @thatgirlsix.

  58. Pili Mayora says:

    liked on fb! :)

  59. Shannon Corey says:

    Liked on facebook. You can reach me at shannoninog@gmail.com.

  60. carrie says:

    Liked on FB, loved IRL.

  61. Haelyn says:

    “Liked” Mammoth & Co.!! LOVELOVELOVELOVE the prints!!!!! Thank you for this mammoth of a giveaway!

  62. Elaine says:

    Liked on FB, love them!

  63. lisa says:

    Liked them on FB!

  64. dervla says:

    I liked them on FB – what a lovely giveaway. My bedroom is crying out for art.

  65. Jyoti Arvey says:

    Liked on FB!
    Reachable at jyoti.arvey@conncoll.edu

  66. Thorunn says:

    Liked on FB

  67. Kelly Darke says:

    Hi! I “liked” Mammoth and Co facebook page… This is such an awesome giveaway – I love Emily Barlettas work – it’s amazing!

  68. Jen Tatasciore says:

    Liked them on Facebook! The prints are so lovely!! Love them!!

  69. Koppolowski says:

    I liked Emily Barlettas on Mammoth and Co and would love to decorate my flat with her prints. I#ve never won anything in my life, it just would be fair ;-)