black beauty.


Situated on a large hilly plot of land in Hornsherred, denmark with views as far as the eye can see, is this beautiful black-shingled cabin belonging to Inge Plank and Ole Beckman. i love the stunning simplicity of all the black and white, giving the old hunting lodge the look of an updated and comfortable modern cabin. black eames chairs surround a warped old wood dining table, and a flea-market-found chandelier adds a bit of color and unexpected whimsy to what’s mostly a monochromatic space. add to that the lovely old vines and open breezeways between the rooms, and this is the kind of weekend cabin i’d happily retreat to.







• photos by Mikkel Adsbøl for femina.

13 Responses to “black beauty.”
  1. OMG I love everything here!!

  2. Love that chandelier in this space – it brings the outside in in a most unusual way!

  3. Oh so beautiful. This is the summer cottage I always dreamed of! /Niki

  4. Anna @ D16 says:

    Yup, moving right into this place. I’m going home to pack my bags!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Oh to be so disciplined, color-wise. Lovely to look at, nevertheless.

  6. sabrina says:

    my goodness, i am in love!

  7. tam says:

    Dang! chandelier looks Venetian

  8. JACLYN says:

    I absolutely ADORE this space. It’s so bright and airy, I would feel right at home. New home inspiration space right here!!

  9. Florian says:

    This looks stunning ! Mea culpa, but we most likely are going to steal the idea of black & white for our country retreat in the Paluma Ranges in North Queensland, Australia. 5 acres of bushland, a yurt-like timber cottages with two outbuildings, large verandas and the indispensable all Aussie outdoor area for the notorious Barbie – what more can two folks and four dogs desire ?

    Inside we may be more courageous when it comes to colour & texture, but for the outside the b&w color scheme is perfect – the garden will light up against it.

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