thoughts for a friday.


i’m having one of those days, gentle readers. when everything turns topsy-turvy and you feel as though you might as well had not gotten out of bed kinda days. anyway, i had a whole other post to share with you and then the rug on that got pulled out from under me, so i’m up late trying to figure out what to share with you. but i’m feeling frustrated, so my creative juices — they just ain’t flowing. ever have that kind of day? you feel on the verge of crying, but not exactly sure what you’re upset about is really worth the tears? yeah, that kind of day. i know we all have them.

so, i’m sorry i haven’t got more for you, but here’s the lovely dahlias i did pick up today, before the day went into the dumpster. did you know dahlia’s are san francisco’s official flower? yep, they are, and they’re one of my favorites, too. i have a photo shoot here all day today for a publisher based in the U.K., so that will be fun, and creatively inspiring and will pull me out of the debbie downer dumpster. i hope you all have a great day, too. and a very happy long labor day weekend. I’ll see you all back here on tuesday with a brand new attitude!




• all photos © victoria smith, sfgirlbybay.

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  1. riye says:

    Having that kind of day myself. I’m really sorry you are too. :-( Hope your day gets brighter! Your dahlias are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us and have a great long weekend. :-)

  2. sue says:

    We all have those days here and there when it doesn’t matter how much effort we put towards something, all of the sudden the whole thing goes backwards…. at the end of the day, the only thing that matter is that you know you do your best… p.s. your blog is beautiful!

    I LOVE DAHLIAS! They look like fireworks!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a crappy day. Sometimes taking a breather and getting your mental juices flowing again does the trick. Beautiful flowers!

  4. Lisette says:

    Hope your day makes a swift turn for the better, and wish you a lovely weekend! Mine is already much better for your dahlias, thanks!

  5. Nicole says:

    Have a fab long weekend and enjoy relaxing!


  6. potkettleblack says:

    ah, victoria, you’re so real and honest, i love it. hang in there. if i ever see you around the city, i’m gonna give you big fat hug. so don’t be afraid. :)

  7. Giulia says:

    I hope you have a great weekend to compensate for the ‘pulling of rug’. Funny enough (or not) – I posted exactly the same thing on my Friday post – how my collaborative post fell through last minute…all of my work for nothing and that had me in a downer mood as well. And Dahlia’s are amazing!

  8. “Beauty, love, laughter and delight are imperishable memories. All that is important about hardship is that it passes.” Sounds like you had a doozy of a yesterday — they come around when we least expect it. You’re not alone — something about how those dang planets were aligned yesterday. So I went to bed and found that quote in an out of print book called “Words To Live By.” Your post today was uplifting. Thank you for the dahlias.

  9. So sorry to hear about your not so great day. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air.
    How you triumph in the midst of despair and manage to put out a beautiful post anyway is inspiring. Hope your weekend ends better than it began.

  10. I had a great day at work, despite a rough morning (I went out last night and drank too much…) Try to stay positive! P.S. I love the word topsy-turvy :)

  11. Rachel says:

    Even your “uninspired” days manage to give me a creative pick me up. The flowers are beautiful and deserving of being San Fran’s pick.

  12. Marjory says:

    One of my favorite flowers. May the gorgeous dahlias brighten your day, Victoria.

  13. Victoria Rose says:

    I haven’t commented for a while but when I read your post I felt it was necessary..It takes a great deal of courage to share such intimate feelings to your readers. That level of honesty is very appreciated by those of us who cherish honesty. I read your post everyday you are an inspiration to me and I’m glad for your blog’s existence…You are human Victoria your not suppose to be perfect so the fact that your having a difficult day is understandable. What’s surprising is your sharing it with all of us…Thank you for your truthfulness it’s commendable… Have a blessed weekend and there’s always tomorrow stay positive…

  14. Kristi says:

    I also rairly comment (I’m sorry, I know I should -rude!) but had to on yours. We all have “those” days. I’m sorry you are …. I hope tomorrow is better. Just wanted to send a hug your way and a thank you for your beautiful blog you share with us.

  15. Andrea says:

    Coming out of the woodwork to say that I loved how candid you were in this post. You’re the best. Hope your day went much, much better.

    P.S. Had no idea dahlias were the official flower of SF. Love that. Hope they brightened your day!

  16. brenda says:

    I just officially ended the week so I could start out fresh … at some point calling a spade a spade is all you can do. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend in spite of this week – and ditto – I rarely comment. It felt good. That’s a start right …

  17. victoria says:

    a big group hug and thank you to everyone! the weekend continues to be challenging, but i’m going to re-read all of your kind comments and soak them in. it will be my super power to their evil-doing kryptonite!

    everyone have a grand, long, relaxing weekend! xoxo

  18. Sara Gray says:

    Ugh. We all have them — but so sorry you’re stuck in it!
    Keep moving forward and you’ll get through it! Hugs!

  19. Jocelyn Casey says:

    Victoria, I appreciate so many things about this post from the honesty, the humbleness, to the dahlia’s. Being an American is Germany certainly poses challenges every day so I can relate to the day you are experiencing. Most of the day is spent surrendering time after time and repeating my mantra, “I can do hard and this is all part of the plan” {not easy}. Coolwhip and Popcorn {my whippets} always seem to lift my mood as I am sure your sweet Lucy does too. In my experience, I will be honest, there isn’t much that can brighten a day when it is really rough except for feeling the feelings. I kindly thank you for being so honest, it is just one of many reasons I read your blog.

    I hope we have a chance to meet during Meet The Blogger in Amsterdam. I look forward to hearing your speech. I wish you a day of heaven on earth, whatever that may be.


  20. CoraMurphy says:

    I.m with Andrea – Ms Victoria the best! Don.t go changing please.
    For what it’s worth I loved this post for it.s refreshing honesty… and fab flowers -c’mon what’s not to love. I hope u have a super relaxed happy weekend. Enjoy x

  21. CoraMurphy says:

    Ps. You can.t beat a bit of Mary Oliver on days like this

  22. Carolyn says:

    I know those days so well – it’s always reassuring to know your not the only one! Cxx

  23. That make the other days worthwile :) Those dahlia’s are gorgeous, girl! So looking forward to see you in Amsterdam! x Femke

  24. Andi says:

    I hope your day got better and that your weekend is filled with sunshine and smiles!

  25. victoria, sorry to hear about your down in the dumps day. but it is nice to know, none of us are alone. had one of those days myself last week. hope things are looking up today. hang tough. btw, beautiful dahlias

  26. anahata says:

    You’re blog is always so delicious. No one would know you weren’t feeling inspired or upbeat- the beauty still flows. And I believe creative professionals are prone to overwhelm and need to pull back as regularly as possible. Love the transparency and your fans get you on either side of the fence. xoxox…

  27. Kenzie says:

    I’m hoping that today was a much better day for you! Those flowers are beautiful!

  28. Oh, so sorry hun! I had the same kind of day yesterday and it seems to still be following me around today too….I hope today is a brighter one & less frustrating, for you.

  29. Jennifer Mayol says:

    Loved your beautiful dahlia post and esp. Your honesty…that was so touching to me. Sending you good thought from the north bay…

  30. Sheri says:

    I’m very new to blogs, new to establishing a business, new to a whole lot of things these days…but I checked out your blog and just wanted to say that I liked your writing style…it’s very honest, true and genuine….I look forward to following you, sharing and feeling your thoughts and views….thanks.

  31. I hope things got better after this post. Your honesty is so refreshing, Victoria. And helpful, too, to readers who may be struggling themselves. It’s a needed reminder that there’s work and tears behind the beautiful photos we enjoy escaping in. So, thank you for this.

  32. Moira says:

    Even your crappy day is gorgeous. Thank you for the beautiful flowers and SF trivia. Hope you were able to unplug this weekend. It’s thunder storming in the foothills and my dog smells like a new season. It’s a lovely change.

  33. Those are stunning! And I love the decor in your home!


  34. yes, i know that kind of days far too well….but they have an end, luckily :)
    and every day is better with flowers, esp. dahlias :)
    have a nice weekend!

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