sunday in the city.


labor day weekend is one of my favorite times of the year. the sun starts to come out and san francisco’s summer begins. the fog (usually) rolls away — today it did eventually, but while i was with lucy at crissy field it hung along the coast and across the bridge. but it was still beautiful. the other reason i love this weekend is the crowds have thinned out. a whole lot of people in san francisco head for burning man, and the bay bridge was closed for construction on the new span. so it’s super peaceful and bloody easy to park! here’s a look at my sunday in the city.







• all photos © victoria smith, sfgirlbybay.

26 Responses to “sunday in the city.”
  1. Lisette says:

    Lovely series – the hues in salmon/pink and green are really lovely!

  2. I can never get enough of San Francisco!

  3. I think this is why I want to live in San Francisco… x Fem

  4. Jennifer says:

    Looks like an amazing weekend!

  5. mlle paradis says:

    that mike – what a romantic guy!!!!! lovely pics.

  6. Marjory says:

    Just beautiful. Ah, beloved SF!

  7. Sally says:

    These photos are seriously beautiful – love the pink sky!

  8. victoria says:

    thanks you guys!! sometimes the fog can be quite lovely!

  9. Gabriel says:

    Oh my gosh, I gotta visit SF! So purrdy

  10. Anath says:

    Love the Presidio and hope it’s forever protected from development. I feel a personal connection because one of my ancestors, General Irvin McDowell, the first commissioner at Golden Gate Park (appointed by President Lincoln), is buried at the cemetery there.

  11. we were vacationing in palm springs and wish i had stayed in sf!

  12. alyssa says:

    so beautiful! i love san francisco. you take lovely photos! :)

  13. sandra says:

    loved this peaceful weekend-there was even ample parking at trader joe’s (i moved my car from the rack end to the bed bath and beyond end, just because i COULD) and empty spots all over 24th street! glad the new bridge is open but…couldn’t burning man go on a little longer?

  14. Gosh, it seems like such a beautiful place…

  15. Ana says:

    Beautiful pictures Victoria! I was wondering if you have used some presets or was it just you editing at pleasure? Thanks!

  16. bixx says:

    it’s best in the fog. still miss the old cypress beside the hut, though…

  17. Kit says:

    Wow I have never seen such beautifully evocative photos of our shared home town (well I’m down on the Peninsula! but my daughter lives in SF!)… love the way you styled these, gorgeous!

    Happy week!


  18. Lily says:

    Gorgeous pics, Victoria! I haven’t been to SF in so many years but would love to make the trip down from BC sometime soon. Off to check out that VSCO app!

  19. Kyle says:

    I’m so homesick for The City.

  20. Viviana says:

    I wish I could live in San Francisco. It’s such a dreamy city, specially with the fog on these photos.

  21. Sarolta says:

    These pictures are unbelievably good! I scrolled down to learn the artist’s name and then it was you. WOW!

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