ground beneath my feet.


well, it finally happened. i got a little bit bored of my decor. it was bound to happen — you know how i am. i had added some colorful boucherouite rugs, which i really do love, but there was that person in me who aches for change, so it was time to reallocate those rugs to the bedroom and go back to my roots. i really love the look of black & off-white moroccan area rug so i decided to check out one from target’s threshold line. lucy, my mutt, is tough on rugs and i heard through pinterest that their rugs were tough on dirt — for the price (around $250 for a 5’x7′ rug) i felt like i could give it a go, and so far so good. we haven’t hit the rainy, muddy-paw season yet here in san francisco, so we shall see, and this rug will stick around for a while — at least until i change my mind again.





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  1. moseyblog says:

    I usually love color but this looks great! Good decision… and super soft for bare feet too!

  2. Great rug! Was wondering where you got your lovely wooden shelving. We are looking for a shelving solution and I love the look of yours. :-)

  3. Janine says:

    love the home-y vibe this room gives!
    such beautifully decorated.

    – Janine

  4. Jordan says:

    That rug makes that room look HUGE! Keep us updated with how it holds up with the dog – that’s my #1 rug fear in my loft…

  5. Love that rug – so perfect in that space!

  6. Pixie says:

    This looks lovely, but everything you do is great! I loved the rugs there before too. Will you show us pics of those rugs in their new home?

  7. Katie says:

    whaaa.. that rug is so pretty. Is it really from Target?? it must be a different one than you linked, because i looked at that one in the store awhile back and it was like a tannish cream and was more the short nubby texture of carpet, not fluffy like yours. and the pattern is different on the ends. but i want the one you have!! maybe i need to go stalk the targets in my area.

  8. Katie says:

    ah, it’s this. and sold out online and “not sold in stores” right now: boo

  9. richele says:

    I too have a house hard on rugs. I’ve been nervous to try out a light color dreading the stains

  10. Ali Moss says:

    What is it about that rug? I keep seeing it EVERYWHERE.

  11. Igor says:

    Excellent – it really fits perfectly into your living room. Can’t wait to see that a tad closer:-)

  12. katie says:

    the rug is perfect in your beautiful space! seriously — your living room is SO GORGEOUS. also, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. It’s my favorite in all the internet.

  13. Not quite the same, but Ikea has a similar style of rug right now that I am loving….

  14. Maryd says:

    Didn’t you have a rug from West Elm almost identical to this one, in the same space before?

  15. Arielle says:

    I have this rug too and i LOVE how it looks. The problem I’ve had with it is that it leaves fuzz balls all over my apartment, so I’m constantly vacuuming! let me know if you have any tricks to prevent this!

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