sunday in this city: stockholm.


greetings from stockholm, sweden! well, to be honest — as i write this, now i’m in amsterdam. but this is what my very limited time in stockholm looked like over the weekend. we rushed around from as many recommended spots one can squeeze in for the limited time i had there – about a total of 48 hours. some of my favorites were lunch at urban deli — just look at those pink and yellow barstools, and the food was delicious; a trip to lotta agaton’s studio and shop (coming up tomorrow); dinner at sardin’s tapas bar (easily one of the best meals i’ve ever had, sitting outside on a chilly night with blankets wrapped around us, and wine to keep us warm). i also loved visiting bri’s must-visit — designer svenskt tenn interior design shop (where you can also have high tea) and a trip to the Fotografiska, stockholm’s beautiful photography museum. i’ve made a pinboard with some of my favorite stockholm spots, so if you’re headed there any time soon, you might like to have a look. more soon about stockholm and amsterdam! even my layover at the copenhagen airport had some great design finds.










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  1. Sarah says:

    The whole of Scandinavia is like beautiful-design-land!!!

  2. Nermina says:

    Stockholm is on my wishlist for next spring….wish you a great time in our Amsterdam!

  3. Katherine says:

    You sure crammed a lot in a short period of time! Love the pink and yellow and the Scandinavian design aesthetic.

  4. mlle paradis says:

    well i guess this was worth giving up s.f. “summer” for! all those yellows and pinks together – a sure antidote to the cold! lovely – THX!

  5. Gahhh the more I see of Stockholm, the more I want to visit! Looks like such an amazing time!


  6. kalanicut says:

    Ah, thank you for giving me a little Monday morning tour of one of my all-time favorite cities! Stockholm is just so lovely I feel like you could never run out of lovely things to do or see there. Can’t wait to see the rest of your posts!

  7. Rhonda says:

    Love these photos!! Gorgeous!!!


  8. Sue says:

    Where are the ceramic containers with wooden lids from? I LOVE them!

  9. JACLYN says:

    Ohhh I am green with envy! You trip looks so beautiful and amazing. Scandinavia is so high on my list of the next places to travel. Hope you’re having the best time! x

  10. Hannah says:

    Oh Josef Frank fabric, I adore thee! Gorgeous gorgeous shop.

  11. Ana says:

    Those are great spots! And thanks for the pinboard, that’s a great idea!

  12. Lina says:

    I sent you a guide (a link to My travelblog) and I see you got inspired. Or you just have other friends with really good taste ;) I am happy to see you like Sweden and Stockholm.

  13. fru morell says:

    The containers are from the Danish designer Malene Helbak – see link here

  14. Rasheda says:

    Crazy about Scandinavia! Love everything!
    I so want to go!
    Wish you lots of fun and inspiration.
    Thank you for sharing! xx

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