getting cosy with woonwinkel: a giveaway.


welcome to woonwinkel — which means “home shop” in Dutch. woonwinkel is a Portland, Oregon-based shop run by Erica Essink and Kristin Van Buskirk — whose mission is to provide a venue to independent designers from all over the world, and focusing on bringing us well made, handcrafted furnishings for the home. the woonwinkel aesthetic is new modern: warm, inviting, tactile, and a little bit quirky. Modern with soul, with a particular affection for makers on the U.S. west coast. to celebrate those makers woonwinkel is hosting a giveaway of a ISH 00 Throw Blanket From Mae Engelgeer for one lucky sfgirlbybay reader.


Mae Engelgeer is a great example of one of the independent designers woonwinkel works with, whose product isn’t super easy to find in the U.S. Her Woww collection has been very successful and she now has a new collection, ISH, including the beautiful blanket we’re giving away today.


woonwinkel also works with small companies like Hay and SCP who commission work from independent designers, and value companies who pick up the innovative, usually sustainable work of independents. to enter the giveaway for the Mae Engelgeer blanket, simply:

• visit woonwinkel and have a look around at their shop and the designers they carry.

• comment here on one of your favorite pieces, or one the designers you discovered on woonwinkel.

• please comment by monday, december 9th 12pm PST and we’ll announce a winner on our twitter pages: @woonwinkelhome @sfgirlbybay that week, so be sure to follow along.

• as always, please be sure and leave a way to reach you via email, your website, twitter or facebook — without your info we can can’t track down a winner.



Kaleido Trays and a collection of Pigeontoe’s Tripots and volcano bud vases.



the shed/shelf by studio gorm, which some say looks like a giant doll house, but it houses office and kitchen supplies; some of the collections found at woonwinkel including the big fox from donna gorman and the sphere bottle opener; founders Erica Essink and Kristin Van Buskirk sit in front of the Mega Doily Rugs From Ladies & Gentlemen Studio in Seattle.

• photos by Rachel Hadiashar.

230 Responses to “getting cosy with woonwinkel: a giveaway.”
  1. Ooh!!! Love this shop! My favorite item is the adorable tripot from Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

  2. Barbara says:

    Dear woonwinkel,

    my favorite item is the Button Man. It is so unusual it’s almost scary :) I really loved it. It sparkled my imagination into covering all sorts of very simple shapes with buttons.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Happy holidays

  3. Cara says:

    Great selection, and hard to choose favorites! I like the OSC scarves, the Aztec triangle pillow, and the kaleido trays (to name only a small few).

  4. Kate says:

    I’m not surprised I fell in love with the Strap Collection Large Basket, especially after reading it has Shaker influences. I love good quality, sturdy design! A basket like this would be good to store my large blanket collection, which I hope this blanket makes its way into! So cozy.

  5. Meg says:

    I’ve admired those awesome doily rugs by Laadies and Gentlemen Studio for awhile! How cool. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Pamela says:

    I love the Les Perles Candlesticks collections, the XL one may be my fav.

  7. Kat says:

    Gorgeous store! I love the mega knit designed by Hay in Denmark.

  8. Laura Bredeson says:

    LOVE the throw with the hint of neon, gorgeous! Also love the Kaleido trays (I have seen them in a few stores around Austin) and the Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

  9. Alex says:

    wow this is a good one! gorgeous blanket. i have been eyeing the Colour Plaid Small blanket for a long time. such a pretty store.


  10. Valerie says:

    Good Morning…….gorgeous site….wow, such pretty items…..I am LOVING their ‘Easterly Throw Blanket’…….many thanks and cheers, Valerie :)

  11. Tiffany says:

    What a lovely shop! I am digging the twisty twill blanket and the mega doily rug! So great!


  12. Tanya says:

    OMG! What a great new (for me) place to drool over!
    LOVE the kaleido trays and the darling porcelain ornaments! And the shed/shelf would totally house my doll collection + all the doll shoes etc. ^_^

  13. Colleen Clark says:

    That Strap Collection leather basket is just stunning and such an amazingly understated and chic way to do storage. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  14. Lisa says:

    Anything by Coral & Tusk!

  15. joanne t says:

    Fabulously curated shop! I love the Perimeter Tray- with the little marble insert? that is genious!
    so many great things it’s hard to choose! my


  16. Kelsey K. says:

    I’m so in love with their dipped spoons and mini-pots. So lovely!

  17. Katie says:

    Such a cool site! I love the ostrich pillow. It’s got a lot of personality!

  18. Jessie says:

    Ursa the Wooden Bear is such a work of art! I love her!

  19. Emily H. says:

    OBSESSING over the mountain cushion by nell & mary. I need these pillows. They’re beautiful!!!

  20. alli says:

    i love the deca planters

  21. Rai says:

    I love this throw, and also the ISH 01 throw as well, and the fox and badger cushions, and the pack rack…too many things to list.

  22. Kim says:

    My favorite is the grey Twist A Twill blanket. So many sweet items on their website!

  23. emily says:

    I love all the textiles, especially the Scholten & Baijings colour plaid blankets.

  24. chloe trudel says:

    The blanket or the wire basket. Such lovely things!

  25. Sabine says:

    As I have a serious thing for soft furnishings, especially throws, my favourite items are the ish 01 throw blanket and the colour plaid small by scholten & baijings…but there are many more things on this lovely page that I love!

  26. maggie says:

    I love all of the plush animals from Donna Wilson – SO adorable! Love the throw in the giveaway as well :)

  27. Gerrie says:

    Besides the textiles for they have always been a weak spot for me, I sure love the tripod from pigeon toe, the small ones combined with the larger one: they look like a little ceramic family to me.

  28. Dee says:

    I’m loving Donna Wilson’s whimsical plates & beakers. I’ve never heard of woonwinkel before, but I’m instantly a fan!

  29. Amanda says:

    All of the blankets look so lovely but my favourite would have to be the Woww throw. I just love the print.

  30. Amy says:

    I am in love with the animal heads from Bend Seating! So unique!!

  31. Tiffany says:

    The Oscar Two Seat Sofa is gorgeous! What a beautiful shop.

  32. Jessica says:

    I’m LOVING the merchandise at woonwinkle – thanks so much for this post! The jewelry is great – my favorite item is the waning crescent earrings – and the ISH tea towel and throw patterns are lovely as well. I also love the saddle blanket inspired pattern on the Coral & Tusk canvas bucket!

  33. Esther says:

    Tofu Desk Set was the first thing I saw on the site and immediately knew I had to have it! Love all the different designs to put things in and on, or just to leave simply as is for a beautiful piece of decor!
    This site is WONDERFUL! Thank you for opening our eyes to this wonderful shop!

  34. megan says:

    Oh wow, that blanket is gorgeous! In fact, so many of the textiles on the Woonwinkel site are swoon-worthy, especially Donna Wilson’s.

  35. Anna says:

    Such a great site! I am loving the ISH 00 Throw Blanket!!!

  36. Oh my – love love love the mid-century themed Alberta lamp!

  37. Reidunn says:

    That “giant dollhouse” is fantastic!
    I love Tina Ratzers Twist a Twill blankets. I have the yellow one, and keep dreaming of having one more. After seeing the Mountain Pillow I have to check out Nell and Mary, to see if the have other products as pretty as that.

  38. Alice Kryel says:

    So many lovely things. The woww throw blanket i love.

  39. Sidney says:

    Wow, I love the Woww throw – it’s perfect. Great shop, btw!

  40. Lauren S. says:

    Wow, I LOVE this whole shop! My favorite items (couldn’t pick just one!) are the Sphere Lines Necklace, Driftwood Wall Hooks, Cylinder Shakers, and the Rockwell Table is gorgeous.

  41. katrina says:

    what a beautifully curated shop! i love the soft sculptures by donna wilson. and i love the throw you’re offering as a giveaway. swoon-worthy.

  42. patricia says:

    I LOVE all of the textiles.
    as for a product that I find very inviting I like the Large Around CoffeeTable by Thomas Bentzen.
    what a great selection to choose from.

  43. Alix Adams says:

    I LOVE the kaleido trays! I’ve been coveting them on pinterest for quite some time now! Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Jessie H. says:

    Love the Kaleido trays and how you can change up their look whenever you want!

  45. Paula says:

    I am loving that large tripot in MINT! Gorgeous! Would look perfect on my dining room table!
    Can I participate if I’m in Canada?

  46. Kristi says:

    I am in love with that Mega Doily Rug. Love love love it! I’m just a stone throw from Portland. I love this shop, thanks for sharing!

    (I don’t have a twitter account)

  47. Ohhh, this is such a GREAT shop!! I really like these ones: but, hey! The blanket form Mae is absolutely awesome. I have a dream…. :) x Femke

  48. Kelly says:

    So many good things over there, but love the jingle bell ornaments and Knot & Bow gift tags!

  49. judy o'brien says:

    love the coffee table in gray. and of course the kaleidoscope trays

  50. Catherine says:

    I absolutely LOOOOVE the Doily Rug by LADIES & GENTLEMEN STUDIO
    It is actually on my Wish list! Wouldn’t that be fantastic in my bedroom?

    I’m from Canada! Hope I can win! :) Love your blog! thanks for all the inspiration.

  51. Ainsley says:

    So much to love! The polar bear head is so good.

  52. Cari says:

    I love all of Mae Engelgeer designs so so much. This is lovely!

  53. I adore the perimeter tray…

  54. Cayly says:

    So many beautiful and lovely woon things. My favorite is the, ‘Long Horn’ designed by LA based Bend seating. It appeals to my Avrican roots!Their stuff is playful and innovative- seriously cool!

  55. Cayly says:

    So many beautiful and lovely woon things. My favorite is the, ‘Long Horn’ designed by LA based, Bend seating. It appeals to my African roots. Their stuff is playful and innovative- seriously cool!

  56. Josee says:

    I love everything but the orange polar bear and the large doily rug would look perfect in my home ;)

  57. Annie says:

    The Alberta Table Lamp is dreamy! Love this shop!

  58. nan happ says:

    Denmark meets Japan – these trays make my heart sing.
    Of course everything Donna Wilson and Hay is also delicious.

  59. laura says:

    the ISH throw blanket is so lovely and unique! And I really love the Alberta table lamp. To die for!

  60. Karen says:

    loving the ish tea towels!

  61. Emily says:

    Love this store! I’m from Portland as we’ll, so have had the privelage to walk around it. I love the mega doily rug!!

  62. Meg says:

    Love those Mega Doily rugs, but my heart really belongs to Bend Seating’s gold, geometric, glass-topped Coffee Table. Swoon! If only my pocketbook could justify the purchase!

  63. Kristy says:

    I am in love with the Mega Doily Rug, it’s incredible! What a great shop!
    I’m in Canada but love making shopping trips to Portland. Sadly I don’t have a twitter account but maybe I can enter anyways?

  64. Oh that blanket is awesome! I think my favourite thing in the shop so far would be the Deca Planter!

  65. kat says:

    The Kaleido Trays would be fun way to brighten up a room.

  66. coral says:

    My favorite designer here is Donna Wilson, and Mae Engelgeer would be new to me.

  67. Rebecca says:

    Do I have to choose? Woonwinkel looks great!
    The Large Around Coffee Table by Muuto is just what I need for my living area, Donna Wilson’s Wolfie would look great sitting on my armchair, the Pebble Salt and Pepper Shakers by Pigeon Toe Ceramics are the first I’ve seen that I actually want to leave out on my table, and the Three Points Necklace would be a staple for holiday season parties! Such a shame Portland is too far away for me to pop in and check it out.

  68. jennifer says:

    i’m loving the brass candlesticks! love this store!

  69. Stephanie (afunhouse) says:

    What a delightful giveaway! The Mountain Pillow from Nell and Mary and the yellow ochre Zig Zag wallpaper from Makelike are fighting with Mae Engelgeer’s ISH 00 throw for first place on my favorites list! I’m visiting Portland for the first time late this winter and stopping in at Woonwinkel is high on my ‘to-do’ list!

  70. Dina Lawrence says:

    I love love love the Shed/Shelf by Studio Gorm. I love to find new and interesting ways to store and display my stuff, and I just love to picture that on our large wall. I also liked the fox and badger cushions, those are adorbs! The name Woonwinkel is fun, thanks for showing us this shop!

  71. SMS says:

    Love the fox!

  72. Kevin O'Gara says:

    I was so excited to hear about this giveaway, because I love woonwinkel! Some of my favorites from their shop include the throw featured in this giveaway (looks so cozy!), their soap stones/nuggets, their hanging terrarium, and the E27 pendant lamp!

  73. Tiffany says:

    Love the Mega Knit throw.

  74. I am absolutely in love with the star cutting board, the paper lanterns, and the Oscar two seat sofa! They’re awesome!

  75. Yolanda says:

    I love so many things! The doily rugs are sweet, as is the dollhouse shelf, and so is the blanket with the lovely orange which would really modernize my living room!

  76. Kristina M says:

    i love the dent bud vase. it would be so perfect for summer wildflowers!

  77. Tasha says:

    Love the ISH throw blanket and a huge fan of the badger pillow (honey badger don’t care…)

  78. Maia says:

    Love the Easterly Throw Blanket!

  79. Lilla Freije says:

    The Woww Throw and the Button Man.

  80. I love the mega doily rug by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. It reminds me of my sister, Chanelle, who is a grandma at heart, but loves a modern twist every once in a while.

  81. Brittany says:

    I really really love this wire basket but to be honest I could see myself owning a ton of items from this site.

  82. Kara says:

    I happened to stumble upon this treasure trove on my very first visit to Portland last week, and was amazed at the carefully selected items that have such a fresh, different, appealing aesthetic.. its almost delicious! Was actually eyeing out that gorgeous blanket. hmmmm…..

  83. CapreeK says:

    I’ve always loved the Plus 9 throw!

  84. Jennifer says:

    Love the Oscar Three Seat Sofa by Matthew Hilton – looks so comfy

  85. chloe says:

    the woww throw – ive been looking for a great throw!

  86. Jasanna says:

    This looks scrumptious!

  87. Holly B says:

    The paper angels are so sweet, and I’m also loving the Lush wallpaper!

  88. Keyse says:

    I love the throws on Woonwinkel! Ive been admiring the Twist a Twill throws for a while but I really like that the Ish throw blanket is a cotton and merino wool blend

  89. debbie says:

    what a lovely store! I would die for the fox cushion!

  90. Amanda M says:

    Pigeon Toe ceramics – love every single piece they make.

  91. mirabelle says:

    Love the Mono Cat for my kids…ok, for me.

  92. Leana says:

    I really love the mountain pillow!

  93. katie says:

    so many pretty things!! even after looking through all of the amazing items in the shop, the ISH 00 throw is what really stuck with me. so beautiful!

  94. DEBRA BRADY says:


  95. Amy says:

    I always stop in when downtown to ogle the quirky and fun merch. I love the mega doily rug, as it makes me think of my mother in law and my great grandma, both who were amazing crochet ears.

  96. A says:


  97. Jill says:

    Whoa. I love that she’d/shelf!

  98. Heather S says:

    I love the Strap Collection Large Basket!

  99. rprkr says:

    We’re moving into our new house on Thursday! Think the Oscar Three Seat Sofa would look quite nice in our new living room. Love that Portland has a shop like Woonwinkel. It’s a lovely addition to our growing little town.

  100. Ana says:

    The ISH tea towels and the Twist a Till blanket by Tina Ratzer are my favorites.
    in case of winning you can find me at @fluxiontour ( twitter)

  101. I love everything about and in this shop. Great range.
    My favorite item is the Racoon pocket doll, (s)he looks like nice company. And the Aura lights and the woww blanket are fantastic. And…
    Fingers crossed.

  102. Rachel says:

    I don’t work far from woonwinkel and find it one of the most adorable shops to get lost in. I could spend so much money in that place. I’m in love with the small plaid from Scholten & Baijings though.

  103. jr says:

    i love the futugami bottle openers, but the ISH textiles are really the most lovely items they carry.
    thanks for the opportunity to have one of my own!

  104. Rebecca says:

    The pegasus ring and textiles (stuffed animals included!) are my favorite. Going on my Christmas list now! :)
    The Ribbed Pendant Sconce and Off Pitcher too are so gorgeous. Would have to save up.

  105. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous! Love Mae Engelgeer’s design.

  106. Jess Gerrow says:

    Love Eleanor Pritchards textiles!

  107. Elle says:

    I love the Off Pitcher and Cup in either Apricot or Fucshia. Also the ish 00 and the Color Plaid in pink, blue, green. And the Oscar sofa. and the S&B tea towels. All of it is just great.

  108. Jannet den Hollander says:

    I am in love with the Mega Doily Rug.. Since I started living together with my boyfriend, I am looking for pieces that will give our home a more feminine touch. Together with Mae Engelgeer’s blanket this rug would be perfect! Hopefully they also ship to The Netherlands…..

  109. jane says:

    Woonwinkel what a brilliant name and I think the Bruce monkey has stolen my heart!

  110. casey says:

    i absolutely love the Deca Planter – i’ve seen so many photos of it on various blogs but have never known where it’s from! Big Ted & Big Fox are amazing too. and Off Pitcher + Cup. ah there are just so many incredible items, i can’t get enough.

  111. Stacey says:

    Hella Jongerious craftsmanship and color is stunning! Great gift site too.

  112. Jayne says:

    The Shed/Shelf is just amazing!

  113. Thanks so much for sharing this shop. Absolutely love it. Hard to pick a favorite but I love the vibrant colors off the OFF tumble and cup, and the Aztec and marble pillows would be perfect in my space! Such a fun, unique shop.

  114. mary k says:

    Their kid stuffed pets are adorable.
    I miss snow so I love the snowball (

  115. Cora Murphy says:

    Gosh! So much gorgeus stuff to choose from but at a push – I would die (DIY – ha!) for one of those Mega Doily Rugs! They are SO wonderful. I must need one right?
    I would LOVE to win – will keep everything crossed!

  116. Catherine O'Brien says:

    The Les Perles candlesticks would look great in my living room.

  117. Monica says:

    Oh, how I love those animal dolls. The fox is my favorite.

    Beautiful shop, by the way. So many lovely things to choose from.

  118. Elizabeth V. says:

    The shed/shelf is simply amazing.

  119. Amanda B. says:

    The textiles at woonwinkel are amazing. I really love the Woww Throw (such an appropriate name!) and the Easterly Throw. They would definitely add some color to my winter hibernation!

  120. Laura says:

    I’m in love with everything, it’s hard to choose!! The mega doily rugs have my heart.

  121. maya says:

    what a great shop!
    i love everything, its hard to choose! i cant resist the Twist A Twill blankets though!
    thank you!

  122. lauren says:

    that bend seating coffee table is glorious!

  123. Lori Weise says:

    The Woww Throw is beautiful

  124. jessicac says:

    Loving the mega doily rug, and the fox cushions! There is too many great things!

  125. I love all the textiles but especially the Mega Knit. I also love the Les Perles Candlesticks. But it is hard to decide as this is definitely I site that is my aesthetic. Such great stuff…and I already own one of the necklaces they carry!

  126. Makenzie says:

    Love love the textiles, and also the canvas buckets!

    PICK ME! I love the throw

  127. Ruth says:

    I love this throw, but I might love the Easterly throw even more, what a wonderfully curated store!
    Just followed on twitter now too.

  128. Heidi E. says:

    The Fox Pocket Doll is great!

  129. Franziska says:

    Lots of great things to choose from! Love the vessels from Pigeon Toe.

  130. Beth B says:

    Beautiful things! My favourite is the Woww throw.

  131. Tracey says:

    What a great giveaway, that blanket is gorgeous! I always covet beautiful blankets and throws, but for some reason, I can never bring myself to splurge on one for myself. Everything in that shop is so pretty. I love the aura lights in brass. Gorg!

  132. susan g. says:

    Those mega-giant doily rugs are something i’ve attempted many times…and failed abjectly!
    I just can’t crochet, too tight tension, I make really great knots tho!

  133. Rosie says:

    Oh what a lovely, well-curated shop! Thanks for the tip, Victoria.
    I am dreaming about the wallpaper selection. Loving the Portland-based studios – particularly Juju Paper. This Indian Summer pattern makes me so happy:

  134. Sarah Barrett says:

    Wow , that throw is awesome , i love the print and touch of neon ..
    I really like the dipped spoons , and the Strap large basket… but i think the shed/shelf by Studio Gorm is top notch .. !!

  135. Anne says:

    I love everything…but might love Coral & Tusk’s Linen Buckets and Steph Mantis’ Pack Rack a bit more!. Cheers to Woonwinkel for beautiful curation and for supporting independent designers!

  136. Jay says:

    I love “Rill”, the stuffed animal that resembles a bandit racoon. I know, I know…out of all the wonderful items to chose from, why picked a toy, but tis the season right?!?
    The blankets look so beautiful and inviting and I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve introduced me to this wonderful shop.

    Happy Holidays

  137. Sophie says:

    I love, love, love all Mae Engelgeer’s textiles, especially the SH 01 Throw Blanket. I’m also enamored with the urban farmer Tea Towels by Nell & Mary. :)

  138. Alina says:

    Love the Gazelle. Simple and elegant for the wall.

  139. Sean C says:

    The Perimeter Tray is quite stunning!

  140. Cathy says:

    I LOVE the Alberta table lamp. Also, the Donna Wilson “Mono Cat” would be great for my son.

  141. Aubrey says:

    My favorite pieces by far are the miso cups by Pigeon Toe.
    Incredibly elegant and functional, my two favorite adjectives for a product.

  142. katja says:

    I just love all the Hay products and am so lucky to have a cuple of them in my home. The Ferm Living wire basket in powdery pink is still on my wishist though…

  143. Claire says:

    Everything on Woonwinkel is curated excellently. I love the ceramics from Pigeon Toe Ceramics; their salt & pepper shakers are awesome.

  144. Cindy says:

    I’d love to cuddle up with the Mega Knit!

  145. Holly says:

    I love the Strap Collection Large Basket

  146. Susan Wagner says:

    Oh My Goodness, LOVE the Textiles AND the Plumage Necklace by Molly M Designs !!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to WIN from such a lovely collection !!

    Happy Holidays,

  147. Grace says:

    I love the Geometric Paper Ornaments and the Shed/Shelf.

  148. Colleen says:

    Love the mega doily rug so much!

  149. Even Howard says:

    Love the laser cut Atla necklace! All the jewelry selections are gorgeous really.

  150. Tamara says:

    I adore the Mega Doily Rug. I’d love to buy several and line my hallway with them! They have a great selection of products!

  151. Sonja says:

    I think the marble cushion is adorable and would go perfectly with the mustard-gray color scheme of my living room!

  152. Sarah says:

    Absolutely in love with the mega doily rug!!! <3
    Thanks for the opportunity!! :)

  153. Hila says:

    LOVED the Mega Doiley rugs!!
    Even more, loved the original idea of hanging them as a wall decor.
    ( Going to start working on one myself..-:)

  154. nancys says:

    Wow – what a neat site!
    I like the powder coated gazelle head & about a hundred other things :)

  155. Lark says:

    I love the les perles candlesticks!

  156. caroline douny says:

    Nice giveaway and nice site! I love the DLM table from Hay…

  157. Alyssa S says:

    The Woww Throw! So cute and cozy.

  158. I love woonwinkle website. It is beautiful and fresh. I particularly like “Twist A Twill” throw by Tina Ratzer. I also like Miller Goodman’s “Mini FaceMaker” Something I’m considering getting as a gift. I also like the Nell&Mary Tea Towels. I’d love to get a set of those.

    I will definitely try to find you when we go to Portland for a visit.

  159. Alexandra says:

    Wow, I’d love to fill my home with everything! I particularly love the Plus 9 blankets and Off pitcher + cup!

  160. Sarah says:

    I love the canvas buckets by Coral & Tusk!

  161. Lauren P says:

    I’m swooning over Donna Wilson’s softies (particularly Big Ted)!

  162. Julie says:

    Love the Mega Knit by Hay! Its beautiful.

  163. Amalia says:

    I love the ISH tea towels and the mega doily rug! And plenty more things too, but those are my faves. (My email is in the contact form!)

  164. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    I fell in love with everything in this shop. I’m huge fan and David Weeks. I must have Ursa the Bear! On a cheaper note, I did end up buying some paper angels. Lovely.

  165. Stephanie says:

    Love the off pitcher and cup!

  166. Kara says:

    Love the Donna Wilson bear plate!


  167. Tania says:

    LOVE the iron long horn!! I may have just found the perfect piece to hang above my soon-to-be black fireplace. And anything Coral & Tusk. Beautifully curated shop! @taniaweibel

  168. Lynda says:

    i am loving everything!! but got my eyes on Portland Apothecary Mineral Salt Soak

  169. Laura says:

    I love the Twist a Twill throw in cream. It would compliment my new sofa perfectly!

  170. Kristin says:

    love all of the textiles! especially the snake pillow.
    I want the throw! ;)

  171. Lesie says:

    I love a mix of texture so the Mega doily Rug from Ladies & Gentlemen would make a great addition to a room. Also the Neo bowls by Rosanna Contadini would look awesome on a sideboard display. Of course I do love the blanket from Mae Engelgeer….it would be well taken care of in my living room:).

  172. Kelsey says:

    I loved the textiles like the giveaway blanket and the twist a twill blanket, as well as the plumage necklace in gold!

  173. Laura says:

    Hard choice so many lovely things but i think the Atlas Necklace is my favourite!

  174. Jane says:

    My daughter would have fun eating off the bear and fox plates. So cute!

  175. Oh my goodness! What an adorable shop! LOVE! Okay…so I’m looking through their product list and I’m thinking yep…want those Knot & Bow tags for my business…oh, and the ISH 00 Throw is just the bomb!!! It’s SO me!!! The Woww Throw is pretty sweet too! Thank you for introducing me to Woonwinkel!

  176. Judi says:

    Woonwinkel stole my heart a long time ago (I scored the last Donna Wilson Hofdi cushion anywhere…I think). I’m currently lusting after the Matthew Hilton sofa, the Around table by Muuto, and (in particular) the Bend coffee table. (Although my budget runs more to IKEA these days, it’s good to dream, right?) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  177. koseli says:

    Those little plush toys for kids are killing me. Rill is my favorite. Amazing! Thanks for showing me this amazing resource for special home goods.

  178. Maura D says:

    I love the way they did those mega doily rugs up on the wall!! Love using something for a different purpose than originally intended!!!

  179. Jessica w says:

    I love the Strap Collection Large Basket

  180. jamie says:

    ooo! favorite thing is the oscar couch!

  181. Marta says:

    So happy to found woonwinkel, didn’t know the store but is great! So many thing that I love here…but I think Les Perles Candlesticks and the Off Pitcher + Cup are one of my favorites!

  182. Meredith says:

    Ooh I really love the “Marble Cushion”!

  183. Melanie says:

    This store is so adorable! I visited when I was up in Portland, out of all the designer’s I think Makelike is still my favorite, there zig-zag wallpaper is amazing! I hope one day Woonwinkle could carry my line! :)

  184. Heather says:

    I’m in love with the throw.
    The Rockwell Table is my most favorite so far.
    Yes Peas! :)

  185. Tasmia Khan says:

    I love the Deca Planter by Caravan Pacific! It is so modern but so timeless!

  186. rachel says:

    I’m digging Ladies & Gentlemen Studio’s work.

  187. Serena says:

    What a great shop! It’s so hard to choose my favorite but I’m really loving the strap collection baskets. So simple and elegant!

  188. Cindy Aiton says:

    Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. The Jingle Bell Ornament is definitely a holiday favorite!

  189. anna says:

    The textiles are fantastic. I love the Mountain Pillow. (i also love wallpaper!)

  190. Leni says:

    The shape of the Dent Bud Vase is one piece that stands out for me. I love it as a stand alone or with an arrangement.

  191. Mary Jane says:

    I love everything, but could especially use the Alberta Table lamp. I’ve been searching for a lamp with just that mid-century look!

  192. Tatiana says:

    It was really difficult to chose just one thing, but FaceMaker – I need it!

  193. Sezgi Uygur says:

    Great selection!I love the Ferm Living wire basket. Crossing fingers!

  194. Annabelle says:

    I Looooove the “Small Around Coffee Table”, the yellow one :)

  195. Ildiko Toth says:

    this blanket actually is really gorgeous, probably this would be my favourite one, but I find the pocket dolls – especially the fox one, so adorable too.

  196. tk says:

    i would love to decorate with the totem christmas tree and geometric ornaments!

  197. Lily says:

    hmm – too many cute things to choose one!
    I really like the Ferm Living Wire Basket. But the Bolga Basket is also amazing!

  198. Shauna says:

    love the Futagami Brass Ihada paperweights.

  199. richelle groen says:

    so great to see so many comments! you ladies are doing so well! so exciting.
    I have not been able to come to the store due to the distance, but I love the kaleido trays, i actually own them, bought them @ Frozen Fountain in Amsterdam, remeber that store Kristin?

    i love the round rugs on the wall, tell me more? cost/maker?
    thx ladies and good luck!
    all my best! Richelle

  200. Michelle says:

    WOW! This is like one of the best stores ever. I really am crazy about all of it. The
    Easterly Throw Blanket is awesome.

  201. José says:

    Love Mae’s blankets other textiles. But Hay’s Kaleido trays and the vessels from Ferm Living are also gorgeous.

  202. shalini says:

    I love all their textiles but their Twist A Twill blankets are just so beautiful.

  203. Michaela says:

    What a lovely shop! They have such a great selection of textiles– I’m now obsessing over the ‘Woww Throw’ with that bright pop of orange!

  204. Tamara says:

    They have such a unique assortment of textiles! I would love the Plus 9 blankets are so so beautiful.

  205. ne-knopka says:

    i like the Shed/Shelf

  206. JennaMm says:

    I love the Les Perles Candlesticks :)

  207. Tara says:

    Donna Wilson is fantastic! I also love the Aura pendants

  208. Brooke says:

    I think I would buy anything made by Mary Engelgeer. I love the throw in the giveaway and her tea towels are awesome!

  209. Sara says:

    Those blankets are gorgeous!!

  210. Chelsea says:

    I’m so in love with the Aura lamps! What a great design store… Thanks!

  211. Renae says:

    Love the Vanderbilt Table Lamp! although I just know my kitty would probably knock it over and break it :(

  212. beergal says:

    thanks for introducing me to the amazing MEGA DOILY RUG from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio in Seattle! totally in love with it now, of course with your blog too! :)

  213. Erin says:

    Oooh, I’m loving the ribbed pendant sconce!
    And I love Woonwinkel. I just recommended them to a friend going to Portland for a weekend getaway. Such great stuff there!

  214. Lorana says:

    Oh, I fell hard for Bitmap throw from Zuzunaga, Spain. Who knew?!

  215. Sarah says:

    My heart is skipping beats over this shop! Thanks for sharing :)
    My favorite things are the adorable vessels by Pigeon Toe, the Bolga Basket, the mega Doily Rug (!!), the ISH01 Throw (omg), and the sweet animals by Donna Wilson… I could go on..

  216. Doris says:

    I love the large tripot!

  217. Linda says:

    The ribbed pendant sconce is col!

  218. Wade says:

    It is a very nice store. The Vanderbilt table lamp is very nice.

  219. Mariam says:

    The shed/shelf would be so cool and convenient to have!

  220. Eric says:

    The blankets are cool! Thanks for a chance to win! My wife would be delighted if I win it!

    God bless!

  221. Kalli W. says:

    I love Mae’s textiles! Her blanket would be the perfect holiday gift.

  222. Selena says:

    I’m in love with the Bend Seating coffee table! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for, like, years. Thanks!

  223. Rosie says:

    I love that blanket, its very very nice. I find it really heartening, these forums, like woonwinkel, that give makers access to a wider audience. Really well done site too, lots of good stuff going on; live long and prosper and congratulations on the great work. I’ll keep an eye on this shop!

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