gift lists with character.


when square invited me to create some unique holiday gift lists for shopping their new square market this season, i thought i’d get a little quirky with it. rather than share with you what i might be getting say, my brother, or my nieces for christmas and hanukkah this year, i thought it could be much more entertaining to share with you what i might get some of my personal heroes — julia child, the white house, wes anderson to name a few. if you follow me here often or over on twitter, you might have guessed i’ve got a mean crush on the brilliant wes anderson. oh yes, indeed. and it’s much more fun to give gifts with character — don’t you think? and what would i get wes for christmas? a master chef like julia? how might i modernize the white house?


just a few of my ideas for my beloved wes this year: press for champagne — wes likes to have chilled champagne for me at all times; the irish coffee plaid bowtie — just ‘so wes’; and the Pièce_de_résistance? this Fluorescent Pink diamond ring — i’m pretty sure wes is going to pop the question any day now, but a little reminder never hurts.

you have an opportunity to Win your Wish List, too! square market is inviting you to create your own wish list for a chance to win the entire list — a maximum of $1,000 — which is a pretty great list of items! to enter the contest, simply:

• Browse local shops all over the country on square market.

• create your wish list.

• share a link to your wish list on twitter with the hashtag #MKTholiday, for the chance to win your entire list.

• There will be 10 winners, each winning a maximum value of $1,000. woohoo!


i created a wish list for julia child, another hero of mine. as a master chef, i think julia would have loved a few of these kitchen gadgets and reminders of her days cooking in paris! you can check out all my crazy gift lists here.

• this creative partnership made possible by square market.

14 Responses to “gift lists with character.”
  1. Sarah says:

    my favorite post ever:) I loved that politician chair ;) thanks so much for sharing so many awesome shops

  2. Leith says:

    Typewriters make me so happy. But red ones? Especially so! And I need that “press for champagne” button in my life. Like, yesterday. – Leith

  3. so adorable – I’m definitely checking out the rest of your lists, too! do you have one for rugged boyfriends who hate “extras” and buy themselves everything they need on Amazon??

  4. kim says:

    So thoughtful ! Oh to have that Dansk casserole dish!

  5. Victoria – what a brilliant gift list! And I share your Wes Anderson crush. The Royal Tennenbaums is one of my all time fave movies. Seen in countless times and it’s still brilliant.

  6. Agostina says:

    Hey, I am also a Wes Anderson lover. You should check out my Wes Anderson Illustrations here:
    Or you can shop my Wes Anderson products here:

    Thanks! :D

  7. kyna getsinger says:

    love it Victoria! I am a huge wes anderson fan. And I am constantly seeing my son as a perfect character in one of his movies – when he was 3 I caught him checking the oil in my car and he was doing it correctly:) and loving your gift lists!

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