modern collecting.


issue number 40 of covet garden is out and it’s a beauty! a canadian furniture maker and a designer turn an old industrial space in a modern collector’s heaven. the trick, i think, to collecting well is not letting yours things take over — nothing too cluttered, just collected, and displayed as well-curated groupings. this couple combines their collections in a mid-century modern space and makes it all blend perfectly. for the whole tour and their interview, visit covet garden.






• photography by naomi finlay for covet garden.

8 Responses to “modern collecting.”
  1. Love this space, Victoria! So many amazing finds. Reminds me – do you ever go to the Alameda vintage fair?! So many great finds there, I’m addicted and have been going every month since we moved!

  2. L'Oliphant says:

    The kind of space and light I really love! ;)

  3. Kreetta says:

    Such beautiful details, metal tins and small statues.

  4. Andi says:

    Not really my style, but I dig it!

  5. Covet Garden says:

    Thanks for sharing Peter and Debbie’s place. We always love your take on these spaces.

  6. I love this space! So light and bright, I’m in the process of painting my whole house bright white inside and then hope to create spaces similar!

  7. We absolutely love this look! There are so many treasures and great pieces in these rooms. The warm wooden gold’s, bright whites and blacks translate so nicely throughout the whole space.

  8. Cate says:

    I love mixing old with new, the tins are fantastic. I have an expanding collection of tins of my own too!

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