studio spaces: cannelle et vanille.


oh gosh. i have utter and complete studio envy — have i ever got it bad. i saw Aran Goyoaga of cannelle et vanille’s new seattle-based space and I nearly wept. how gorgeous is her new studio? i wrote her immediately and she generously agreed to let me share with you. aran is a Food Writer, Stylist and Photographer and also a James Beard Award Finalist for her Food Blog in 2013 & 2012. and now she’s offering classes — cooking classes, as well as food styling and photography workshops. oh, and did i mention that you get to eat the food? her cooking classes are followed by dining on the food you prepare. i think i may have to sign up for some of her classes, just so i can spend an extended amount of time her beautiful, creative studio space. i think if i want to learn from the best, this is probably a really good place to start. oh, and if you’re looking for a longer learning experience with aran, she’s also teaching at one of angela ritchie’s ace camps in august. yes, please.


you can visit her new online shop where aran’s showcases her upcoming classes, including classes with her chef friends and floral design with chelsea fuss — all of which are held in this beautiful space near Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle — a daylight photography studio with a fully-equipped kitchen and prop room. It’s also available to rent for photo shoots and private events.


i’ve been following aran’s food images for years, and they’re always just sublime — drool worthy. you can find recipes, as well as see more of her work by checking out her new book, Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family‚Äôs Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking, as well as following her lovely blog and visiting her portfolio. simply stunning, all of it.







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  1. I have the same envy! When I saw these on her blog yesterday they gave me some much needed inspiration for twig a space to call its own. Maybe I’ll see you at a cooking class ;)

  2. Ana says:

    This studio is a dream! Just perfect! I have seen it yesterday and thought I want to go there. I would love to take her class someday, but I should start saving money. :)

  3. maggie says:

    That color coded shelving in the background of the first photo…AMAZING.

  4. Kreetta says:

    Beautiful studio and great maker! She is so talented and lovely person also. This year I was lucky to take a workshop with her in June in Sweden. Wow. Like to visit her studio, definitely!

  5. Melanie says:

    The floral arrangement class with Chelsea sounds like fun! Shopping for flowers in the market and creating arrangements in that beautiful studio?! I might have to sign up for that one. xo

  6. I posted her studio today as well! LOOOVED it from the moment I first saw it, especially that kitchen. Seriously so dreamy. I am considering taking a class as well–maybe I’ll see you there :)

  7. oh my GOODNESS. that is my dream to have a beautifully lit studio space one day! sooo lovely. yay aran! i have followed her beautiful food and photography for years over at cannelle et vanille… she is lovely! ^__^ thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh yes, isn’t it stunning!!? When I saw it on her blog I gasped. My husband and I live in Portland so maybe we need to take a quick drive to Seattle and make her give us a tour. The light is heavenly!

  9. Everything she does is amazing! I am not surprised that her new studio is equally as beautiful. It would be wonderful to actually take a class with her… So much to learn!

  10. jessica says:

    My studio will finally be finished in a couple of days. We were hit hard by Sandy, and I couldn’t be more excited to click on your pin! This is a fab space…

  11. amber says:

    great feature. i love her blog and her new space is beautiful!

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