i’ve got you pegged.


fabulous tool organizer from the design files.

i’ve long been a fan of the very utilitarian pegboard as a nice option for vertical storage. i think it may even have been julia child who started this trend, with her pots & pans hung neatly on pegboard in her kitchen for easy-access, and i fondly remember grace bonney’s lime green kitchen pegboard way back when. there’s something so symmetrical and tidy about pegboard, and it seems to be making a strong comeback. i keep seeing it everywhere of late — from organization storage, to furniture — even headboards. perhaps a fun DIY project for over the holiday break?


a very modern modern pegboard via The October issue of Inside Out magazine.


pegboards are so great for organizing any kind of tools from DIY to hardcore hammers and pliers, via byzenz.


i love this pegboard as headboard, via husligheter.


how about a sideboard with white pegboard doors? this one’s Designed by Leanne Culy and made by local Hawkes Bay cabinet maker, from home base collections. even the lamp looks like pegboard!


lovely display from designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten of littlephant shop.


or how about black pegboard? that looks pretty, via everyday emma.


perfect for the washi tape fans, via i love sticky tape; great for kitchen and pantry storage, too via pegboard storage and apartment therapy.


this is a perfect little workspace, via le blog de titlee.

9 Responses to “i’ve got you pegged.”
  1. Oh yes, pegboards are awesome for storage in the kitchen or the office. Never thought of using one for washi tape–I don’t have enough to need a whole wall of storage–but maybe for all my craft supplies! I like putting pretty supplies on display anyways so you can enjoy them all the time. I posted an office last week with an awesome pegboard wall too! http://www.athomeinlove.com/friday-links/

  2. my favoritest post of yours!
    happy holidays to you.

  3. JAY says:

    Can I have a pegboard in every room! these look great and seem so perfectly handy!

  4. Ruth Singer says:

    Peg board is really hard to buy in the UK, despite having been everywhere in the 1970s! I am trying to track down some for my studio, my shed and my kitchen!

  5. Juwita Jalil says:

    Yes, I have an amazing amount of love for pegboards!
    Hence we did this for a client :

    Do check out our work. We love your work too!

  6. Mary Jane Smith says:

    Lovely Ideas! I like the lamps you’ve showed, but I would also use a wall Lamp. I have used this one: Diana http://www.delightfull.eu/en/heritage/wall/diana-reading-lamp.php on a project and it looks lovely, what do you think?!

  7. What a fantastic inspirational blogpost! Have a lovely Christmas! x Fem

  8. All of these are inspiring and beautiful. I love them all! Now you have me pegged:)

  9. amber says:

    i saw a pegboard in an issue of domino that i’ve kept for, like, ever. also in an organization issue of martha stewart and i’ve really been wanting to get one for our kitchen! it would be so much easier than bending down and sorting through a little cabinet of unorganized pots and pans…

    great inspiration here!

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