Friday Finds

Friday Finds

1. Tiny travel guides brimming with soul
2. Out with the old, in with the neutrals
3. How not to kill our plants
4. OMG, IKEA gossip!
5. A day with the amazing Ariele Alasko
6. This eclectic Haight-Ashbury home
7. Pasta as tasty as it is easy to make
8. The (DIY-able!) walk in closet of our dreams
9. Making the mostest of 500 square feet

Happy Friday,

3 Responses to “Friday Finds”
  1. Charly Brown says:

    Thanks for showing this incredible haight-ashbury home (#6) in SF. Stunning – and clever how they worked with what they had, instead of the typical SF remodel where everything is gutted and built out.

  2. Always look forward to these round ups! So much inspiration…

  3. I tried out that pasta dish the day Kate posted it, and it is officially my “I’m too lazy to make real food” dinner. So much better than a bowl of cereal!

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