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have y’all ever stumbled upon emma dime (aka emma robertson)? she’s one of those creative and completely adorable people that all of a sudden i start seeing everywhere, all over the internet. emma is a graphic designer, blogger and knitter from dallas, texas who just moved to oakland and has a fabulous studio there — and she’s just put out a brand new book, Knitting by Design. It’s a crafting book she wrote with Chronicle Books and it’s beautifully photographed by max wangerso we decided to give a copy away to three lucky readers.


Knitting by Design includes 15 stylish projects, which emma presents with hand-drawn sketches, eye candy–laden mood boards, and Polaroids of the objects that inspired her — and encourages knitters to think outside of the yarn box by incorporating other materials into their wares, from a knitted vest with a leather pocket to a breezy tank with a dip-dyed finish. With page after page of stunning photography by max, this book will motivate us to look around, cull inspiration, and design our own fabulous looks.



to enter to win one of three copies Knitting by Design all you need to do is simply:

• hop on over to emma’s beautiful instagram account and follow along by monday, february 3rd. if you don’t have an instagram account (and you should — it’s so much fun!), you can follow me on twitter or facebook instead.

• comment back here letting us know you followed her on instagram; (or me on twitter or facebook) to enter to win.

• as always, be sure to leave a way to reach you via twitter, facebook, email or your website.

• we’ll announce the three winners on my twitter account the week of february 3rd, so be sure to follow me.





* all photos by emma dime.

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    Followed! (how exciting!)

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    I know exactly who I would gift this book to, meanwhile, I get to enjoy her Instagram. Thanks for introducing me to another new talent!

  3. Hester says:

    Done! I’m cross stitching myself, but I would love to get my hands on one of Emma’s designs.

  4. emma lamb says:

    Oh, Emma’s book looks utterly gorgeous, I’m excited to see it for myself!
    Following you on Facebook, Victoria :)

  5. RACHEL Elsey says:

    This book looks great. I already see sho many projects I’d like too try.

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    Followed!!! Cross my fingers for luck!

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    Stunning book! Thanks for the introduction to this intrepid knitter:)
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    I followed her on Instagram! Would love to knit these pieces for myself – how gorgeous!

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    Cross my fingers for luck… :)

  13. Wendy D says:

    Followed emma on Instagram. Thanks for this inspiration – supposed to get snowed in tomorrow, perfect knitting time!

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    I am following! I love to knit and try something new! I hope I win the give away! I’ll have a new project to start on my train ride into work! Thanks!

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    Just started following Emma on instagram. Love her feed!

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    I followed Emma on Instagram. Such a beautiful book!

  18. Started following your twitter and Emma’s Instagram! I am so excited!
    I’ve recently started this obsession with knitting and was going to ask for this book for my birthday, but maybe I can win one here instead! Fingers crossed!!

  19. Ann Marie says:

    Lovely! I just started following Emma’s Instagram.

  20. thank you Victoria for this opportunity!
    being an almost daily crocheter, now a knitter wannebe is following Emma on instagram now #woodwoolstool

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    I’m always looking for knitting inspiration! Followed in a heartbeat :)

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    I’m following Emma on instagram! I could really use some fresh inspiration for knitting, the book looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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    I’m following Emma on instagram! Would like to get some new inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

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    I follow you on twitter already! I have seen her name around, too…I am sure I’ve Googled her, too, but can’t remember why.

    I’d love a chance to win this book, it’s lovely!

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    I followed Emma on IG – this book looks great.

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    The book looks quite lovely. Follow on twitter: @AlinaConn

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    Already love it. Fingers crossed, following you on fb! ;)

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    I’ve been following Emma’s instagram for a while now, her style + photos are gorgeous. And her book looks amazing!

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    Just started knitting! This is an excellent timed giveaway ;)
    I started following you on Twitter, no instagram.


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    Great looking book! I follow you on twitter @MareeSperle1

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    Knitting seems so cool now! :)

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    Followed! I’ve been wanting this book since she first wrote about it.

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    I follow you and Emma on facebook! Your blog is my favorite, thank you for such great inspirations!

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    Beautiful! I love knitting, especially at this time of year! I follow you on Twitter!

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    My NY Resolution is to learn how to knit! This is such amazing inspiration :)

    Followed gladly :)

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    So lovely! I am following knitting by design on instagram.

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    Hi Victoria. I am following you on Facebook. This looks like a wonderfully inspiring book.
    Thanks for all your design finds, posts and endless inspiration!

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    i’ve been following emma dime for a while now, love her blog and work! i want this book!!

  44. beth says:

    Following her (and you) on insta! @livemusicbeth on twitter

  45. Margaux (yourfroguette) says:

    I followed Emma on Instagram as “yourfroguette”. I was willing to start knitting for a very long time but did not dare yet. This book would be the perfect kick :)
    Thank you for your inspiring blog and everything you share with us!

  46. Jean says:

    Hi! Following both Emma and you on instagram! :)
    @jeanskim on instagram

    As always, love your photos.

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    this book looks great, i’ve just started knitting!
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    I’ve been following you for a while (sorry that sounds so weird)…I can’t knit worth a damn but a very good friend is a champion knitter and would love this book! Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    Following on Instagram & Twitter. I’ve been trying to get back into knitting, and what a lovely book. Would be a great motivator!

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    So fun! Always looking for new knitting inspiration.

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    Followed you on twitter! I was just saying to my friends that I want to get my knit on! :) I can be reached through my email or my twitter is @torrimyers :)

  61. Meredith says:

    I love this knitting. I am at this moment wearing a hat I just finished knitting half an hour ago before I start work on a baby blanket that I need to complete asap.

    This book looks amazing and I would love to win it! Even if I don’t this is going on my wishlist.

  62. Laura says:

    the polar vortex has made picking up my needles such a joy this winter. i made 17 cowls for holiday gifts! i’m just loving it – and every photo and project i can get my hands on as inspiration.

  63. Laura says:

    Ooh exciting! Followed her insta & your twitter! Can’t wait to find out the results!

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    Hi Victoria, I already follow both of you and even though my chances here are no so great, what the heck, I’ll give it a shot.

  72. I just followed your amazing Insta! Can’t wait to get back to knitting this year. I’m also giving away a book too if you want to hop over, it’s an MFK Fisher first edition print:

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    I followed Emma on instagram! @flaggjl I am thrilled about this giveaway. I love Max Wagner too!

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    These pieces are gorgeous. Exactly up my alley for knitting projects!

    I’ve followed Emma on instagram and you on twitter via @veronicalvage

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    Her book looks so beautiful!!
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    Love this! I would love to have a copy of this book!
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    Love Emma and have been following her for a while! Would love to win a copy of the book

  92. I do indeed follow her beautiful instagram feed! I would LOVE to add this book to my shelves. My birthday happens to be on the 3rd, so this would be a very happy birthday gift :)

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  108. I am a confirmed knitting obsessive and have been recently doing giant knitting. Love both you and Emma and have followed you both everywhere possible. Thanks!!!

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  129. Kjerste lee says:

    Oh gosh I love Emma! She knitted me a special scarf with wool yarn I bought on my
    Honeymoon in New Zealand a few years ago. LOVE the new book, I just started knitting and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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  134. I just followed her on Instagram. I hope I win! I would love to learn to knit.

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    Thanks again!

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    I’d love this book, I want to learn to knit, so far I’m stuck with a scarf started last winter!!

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  180. I love Emma’s work, and have been following her for a while now. Her instagram feed is so beautiful and inspiring, and her knitting book looks so fun.

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    Of course I follow you online. This is candy for knitters! What a yummy book and a great competition! <3

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    Followed her on Instagram. Wow, this will give me the opportunity to try something new! I’m in love with Emma and her creations.

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  194. My mother told me to give up trying to knit, but after reading this, I think I’ll give it one more try :)
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    I am following Emma and oh I want this book, pick me!!!! xx alice

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    Such an inspiration. Extremely excited to see different kinds of knits to spark new ideas! LOVE TO LEARN =)


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